Earthquake hits New Zealand: Videos and photos of the aftermath…

15 Nov 2016

Live Updates: Wellington cut off as stormy weather shuts major roads, Hutt residents told to evacuate:

After earthquake-related delays and cancellations yesterday, wild weather is now hitting the capital.


11am: Tawa streets under water

Here is a report from Naomi Johnson, who lives in Mahoe St, Tawa.

“We are stranded at home, no work or school today.”


Flooding in Mahoe St, Tawa on November 15
Source: Naomi Johnson

NZ Earthquake: Rescue mission on the way for those trapped on Kaikoura. Get the latest with


Rescuers have saved the NZ cows, after being stranded on a land island following Monday’s earthquake. A trench was dug to reach the cows.


A rescue effort is underway to save 3 cows whose paddock disappeared in the NZ earthquake


These cows have just been discovered stranded on this tiny island after a massive earthquake in New Zealand wiped out their entire paddock; apart from this small patch of grass.

The magnitude 7.5 quake struck early this morning on New Zealand’s south Island and has sadly claimed the lives of two people. The effect on the island’s animal population still isn’t known but rescue efforts are now beginning to save the two cows and a calf that are marooned on this tiny mound of earth.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated on how they go..

14 Nov 2016

At least 2 dead after 7.8 magnitude earthquake shakes New Zealand


2 killed,homes destroyed,slips block road & rail lines after 7.5 shake, tsunami warning for many coastal areas


Massive earthquake in New Zealand causes extensive damage


Some buoys are still in “Tsunami Mode” (blinking dots) following the in New Zealand. However, no is expected.

IFRC Retweeted New Zealand RedCross

Follow for latest info on the assistance provided to people affected by recent earthquake in .

IFRC added,

More photos from North Canterbury showing how the roads have stood up to the quake. ‘Not well’, apparently:

Aftershocks Still Rolling In After 7.5 Quake


13 Nov 2016

Published on Nov 13, 2016

Comments disabled due to people being disrespectful.

The tsunami threat is for the entire NZ coastline. Stay off beaches. First waves have arrived but may not be the largest.


An Interislander Ferry is unable to dock in Picton, leaving passengers and crew to sleep on board for the evening.


Part of the Interislander terminal in Wellington has collapsed


6m6 minutes ago

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7.4 magnitude earthquake strikes Christchurch in NZ, tsunami threat issued


Shannon Wilson Retweeted ABC News

Christchurch was hit by devestating earthquake in 2011, and now again today. Thinking of my friends in NZ

Shannon Wilson added,

Rylin_Intel Retweeted HuffPost Australia

Rylin_Intel added,


News that the NZearthquake is actually 7.9 magnitude & not the 6.6 originally reported is huge as there is a SIGNIFICANT difference


Powerful magnitude 7.8 earthquake strikes New Zealand, USGS says | Our prayers for NZ


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