Jamal Yunos and his Red Shirts harass Bersih 5 at Bangi

12 Nov 2016

4h4 hours ago

Ambiga_S: RT mariachin:

Video: Jamal ‘Baju Merah’ bikin kecoh lagi, ganggu Konvoi BERSIH 5 di Bangi

Pictures tell a thousand words!

4h4 hours ago

As expected, Baju Merah obstructing Bersih 5 Serdang & Hulu langat convoy

More Bersih bullying by Red and Black Shirts via


PETALING JAYA: Groups of anti-Bersih protestors in Red Shirts and Black Shirts have disrupted Bersih 5 road convoys in Bangi, Labuan and Tanjung Malim today, the election reform group said today.

In a press statement, the group condemned the “outrageous and bullying tactics of Jamal Md Yunos (head of Sungai Besar Umno division) and his Red Shirts gangsters and now Black Shirts, too”

Motorcyclists in Red Shirts tore Bersih materials and tried to damage car windows, the group said.

“Jamal himself was filmed verbally abusing a Bersih supporter,” the statement said. When Bersih members tried to resume their convoy, “the Red Shirts revved their motorbikes and deliberately blocked our security bikers from carrying out their duties of ensuring the convoy’s safety”.

The Red Shirts also made their presence felt in Labuan by blocking the Bersih convoy there, knocking on the cars, and harassing our participants.

In Tanjung Malim, a group of Black Shirts disrupted the convoy and blocked the road while trying to prevent the Perak team from meeting the Selangor team to hand over a torch.

“Despite the disturbances, the torch was handed over successfully although the Black Shirts continued to yell at our group,” Bersih said. “Never once did we raise a hand against the Red Shirts. We are not at war, we are advocating for free and fair elections and good governance – peacefully.”

Explain what is ‘kerajaan zalim’, Jamal asks Bersih volunteers


Sungai Besar Umno chief Jamal Md Yunus and about fifty of his red-shirt underlings harassed Bersih volunteers who were distributing pamphlets in Bangi earlier today.

This was evident in footage posted on the Oriental Daily YouTube channel which showed red-shirts led personally by Jamal harassing Bersih volunteers, asking them to explain the points on the pamphlets that the volunteers were distributing.

He asked them to detail what they meant by “kerajaan zalim” (cruel government), a tainted Election Commission, unfair elections and other assertions that the pro-electoral reform body was campaigning to the public, as listed in their pamphlets.

Meanwhile Sinchew Daily also posted several videos on their article of the altercations online, featuring several groups of red-shirts on motorbikes revving their engines and assembling at several areas where the Bersih volunteers were engaging with the public.

Several uniformed police and others in civilian clothing wearing fluorescent police vests could be seen hovering around Jamal and his followers.

Though police largely kept their distance as long as the red-shirts only asked questions and did not physically harass the Bersih volunteers.

Except in the case of the elderly volunteer whose pamphlet was confiscated, when police moved in to act as buffer, as a red-shirt manhandled the gentlemen to prevent him from reclaiming the Bersih campaign materials from Jamal.

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