Jamal Yunos and his Red Shirts: Professional Demonstrators? Who finances them?

7 Nov 2016

After M’kini, red-shirts to rally against Bar Council

The red-shirts will hold a “mega” demonstration to demand that the government shut down the Bar Council.

This is following the Bar Council’s admission that it received funds linked to American billionaire George Soros for its operations.

Red-shirts leader and Sungai Besar Umno division chief Jamal Md Yunos said the Bar Council was being “remote controlled” by Soros to try and topple the government.

However, he said no date had yet been set for the demonstration as they were seeking advice from their lawyers over their plans.

“We are planning a mega rally against the Bar Council which thus far has not benefited Malaysians one bit, and has openly opposed the government.

“What they have done is clearly controlled and monitored by Soros to ensure the democratically-elected government is toppled,” he said in a voice message to the media.

Although the Bar Council had said it was not illegal to receive funds from Open Society Foundations (OSF), Jamal said it was a “heinous act” because Soros had “almost made Malaysia bankrupt”.




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