Who set fire to the BMW of the JB Umno division vice-chief?

Jun 15


26 September 2016

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Rich leaders?

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A luxury car belonging to Johor Bahru Umno vice-chief Yahya Jaafar went up in flames in what police believed was an arson incident.

Johor Baru Utara district police chief Mohd Taib Ahmad said the BMW 525i was parked in the compounds of their home in Bandar Baru Uda in Johor Baru, when the incident happened at about 11.45am.

However, the family managed to save their Chrysler and Audi Q5 which were parked nearby, Bernama reported him as saying.

Yahya, who is Johor Baru councillor was not at home when it happened.

“At the time of incident, four people (including Yahya’s wife) were at home and they went out of the house when they realised there was smoke and a small explosion,” Taib said.


Suspected arsonist sets fire to BMW of JB Umno division vice-chief

By Halim Said – 26 September 2016 @ 3:53 PM


JOHOR BAHRU: A BMW 525i car belonging to Johor Baru Umno division vice-chief Datuk Yahya Jaafar was destroyed in a fire at his home today, believed to be the result of arson.
No one was injured in the fire which engulfed the car and also damaged part of the house’s awning in the incident which occurred at about noon at Bandar Baru Uda, here.
Johor Baru Fire and Rescue department operation commander Khairul Azhar Abdul Aziz said the car was parked in Yahya’s porch, and that the fire partially damaged the house’s roof.
“The case has been handed over to the police and Fire and Rescue department’s forensic unit.

“Initial checks indicate that it was probably an act of arson, based on an eyewitness account,” said Khairul Azhar.

Read More : http://www.nst.com.my/news/2016/09/176158/suspected-arsonist-sets-fire-bmw-jb-umno-division-vice-chief

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