First reported paedophile case since Huckle: It won’t be the last.

Paedophiles in Malaysia

Child porn: Malaysia is 3rd in Asean region. #1MalaysiaBoleh.

This Britisher paedophile came, sexually abused 23 Malaysian children and left. He was caught back in Britain!..

The suspect’s Facebook account, allegedly under the name of ‘Aiman Fauzi’, has been closed.

30 June 2016


Police confirm report on sexual harassment by paedophile

June 30, 2016

Police say initial investigations revealed that the victim, a 10-year-old boy befriended the 29-year-old suspected paedophile on Facebook messenger.

SEREMBAN: Police have confirmed receiving a report from a mother yesterday against an alleged paedophile for sexually harassing her 10-year-old son.

Nilai police chief Supt Zaldino Zaludin in a statement today, said the complainant was at home in Jalan Putra Nilai at 6.30pm on Monday when her son told her that a man he had befriended online, was sending him “sexual” messages.

“According to the complainant aged 29, the conversations between the suspect and her son had been normal until three days ago when the former started sending the sexual messages.

“After calling but failing to get any response from the man through Facebook Messenger, she posted a warning not to disturb her son again. Instead, he (the suspect) blocked the complainant and her husband’s Facebook accounts,” said Zaldino.

He said based on initial investigations, the suspect and victim got to know each other in February via Facebook messenger.

“The suspect had also invited the victim to meet him on the pretext of presenting him with a PlayStation Portable to keep him from boredom at home.

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