Mueller and MAS: “Bl**dy foreigner” couldn’t cope with the ‘culture of corruption’, will work for Emirates…

Christoph Mueller will join Emirates once he leaves Malaysia Airlines. He will be the chief transformation officer.

Malaysia Airlines’ CEO To Work For Emirates – couldn’t handle the “culture of corruption”

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Malaysia Airlines’ CEO To Work For Emirates

June 27, 2016
Malaysia Airlines’ CEO To Work For Emirates

June 27, 2016 by lucky

While there are plenty of struggling airlines, the one I probably feel worst for is Malaysia Airlines. The airline had already been losing money for years, and then they lost two Boeing 777 aircraft just months apart, which is just about an unprecedented tragedy.

Probably the smartest thing the airline did in a while is hire Christoph Mueller as their CEO, who is known as one of the industry’s best “crisis CEOs.” He turned around Aer Lingus, and had a three year contract at Malaysia Airlines, where he started as CEO on May 1, 2015.

He has made radical changes to the airline, including huge layoffs, transferring all assets to a new company, retiring the entire 777 fleet, installing a new longhaul business class product, entering into a partnership with Emirates for longhaul flying, going dry on shorthaul flights, and much more.

Ultimately the changes are working, because Malaysia turned their first monthly profit in years this February, and is still hoping to be profitable by 2018.

However, in April it was announced that Christoph Mueller would be leaving Malaysia Airlines before his contract expired due to “personal reasons.” He’ll be leaving in September, which is about halfway through his contract.

…For what it’s worth, I have a friend very close to the situation who said the reason he quit was because he could no longer handle the culture of corruption at the airline, and that so much of the rest of the management wasn’t actually interested in improving things….

So if there were any questions as to what the “personal reasons” involved were, I think it’s now sufficiently clear….

For the whole article:

Malaysia Airlines’ CEO To Work For Emirates


MAS: The only thing we are good at is ‘sleeping on the job’ and the bl**dy foreigner has to criticize us for it!

MAS survived 2 crashes and near-bankruptcy. Now, do they want to kill it off for good?

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