Lim Guan Eng: Corruption charges dropped but the MACC is unhappy and BN macai are spinning like there is no tomorrow…LMAO!!!

18 September 2018

5 September 2018


First witness in Guan Eng’s graft case casts doubts over his report

GEORGE TOWN (March 26): The first witness in Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s graft case has said he is unsure over the details of his report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) regarding the sale and purchase of Lim’s residential home, casting a doubt over his report.

Online advertisement marketing agent Muhsin Lahteef said he was not sure of the date and value of the sale and purchase of Lim’s bungalow that was allegedly sold below market value.

Muhsin, whose MACC report on March 18, 2016 launched a rigid investigation by the department over Lim’s alleged involvement in the purchase of his residential bungalow on Jalan Pinhorn here, told the High Court he was also not familiar with S&P agreements and property transactions.

The 34-year-old told Judge Datuk Hadhariah Syed Ismail that he lodged the report after watching a video on a Parliamentary debate between Tasek Gelugor MP Datuk Shabudin Yahaya and Lim over the alleged undervalued bungalow transaction in 2015.

“I wanted to give Lim the opportunity to clear his name,” said Muhsin, also known as ‘Mamu Parpu’ on social media, while denying he is a Barisan Nasional supporter, although his Instagram handle says #kamigangNajib (Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s gang).

When cross-examined by Lim’s counsel Gobind Singh Deo, Muhsin contended he was uncertain over Lim’s exact S&P transaction, although his report states 2008, contrary to Shabudin who mentioned Lim bought his house in 2015.


‘Witness proved Guan Eng didn’t buy bungalow below market value’

Susan Loone
(Updated )

The legal team of Lim Guan Eng said today that testimony from a prosecution witness in the Penang chief minister’s corruption trial is proof that he did not purchase the contentious Jalan Pinhorn bungalow at below market value.

Lawyer Gobind Singh Deo said one of the prosecution witnesses this morning, Citibank sales manager Lim Wern Shern told the court today that the RM2.8 million purchase price for the bungalow was most likely agreed upon by both parties before August 2013.

Wern Shern had agreed that house buyers usually agree upon the price of units before signing the sales and purchase agreement.

His testimony, Gobind said, demolishes the prosecution’s charge that Lim had bought the unit below the claimed 2015 market valuation of RM4.27 million.

“It is very clear that the prosecution witness had conceded that the agreement about the price of the property in question was made before August 2013.

“We will prove in this trial that in actual fact, the price of the house was agreed upon during the first quarter of 2012.

“In this case, we stand firmly that the chief minister had not done anything wrong, nor has the second accused, (businessperson) Phang Li Koon, as alleged by the prosecution,” Gobind told reporters outside the Penang High court today.

4 September 2018


Fair Play: The Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) dropped the charge against DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng and the High Court judge Hadhariah Syed Ismail granted the acquittal.

It’s case closed, unless the prosecution decides to appeal, which is unlikely. MACC’s dramatic reaction is just a distraction.

Bob The Builder: MACC should not have made such a comment on the AGC’s decision to withdraw. MACC’s role is to investigate, not to pass sentence on cases investigated, so making that comment was uncalled for.

Cogito Ergo Sum: Prosecutorial powers lie with the AGC. Is the MACC aware of the federal constitution?

It is obvious that whoever issued this statement is ignorant of the constitution and powers vested by it. The person or persons responsible for this statement must face disciplinary action for being ignorant of the law that he or she is supposed to uphold and execute.

It’s quite obvious why the 1MDB probe is taking so long. The civil service is seriously eroding the Pakatan Harapan government’s efforts at stamping out genuine cases of corruption.

The commission must withdraw this statement and apologise to the AGC immediately.

Dingy: Why was it an offence to buy a property allegedly below market price? RM2.8 million is a lot of money. The buyer didn’t pay cash for it. He took a bank loan.

Furthermore, he had rented the same house for five years at RM5,000 per month before he was offered to buy it. Was it also an offence to sell your own property below market price?

The purported offence occurred under Umno laws. But we are now under the rule of law. Hence the charges were dropped and the defendant acquitted.

Malaysian-United: Even today a lot of property owners are disposing their houses at below market prices but above or at par with the purchase price.

Some even sell slightly below the purchase price. Unless Lim bought the house at a ridiculously low price that creates suspicion, what’s the big deal? It’s a free market, after all.

Not Convinced: The issue is not Lim buying a property below market price. The issue is whether in so doing the seller, businessperson Phang Li Koon, received favours in return from the then Penang chief minister.

If the prosecution cannot prove it conclusively, so be it.

FairMind: How could MACC be shocked at this when there are hundreds of thousands of cases, especially related to the previous administration including Bank Negara, Felda, Mara, state properties and so on that are grossly overvalued or undervalued to the tune of millions of ringgit?

Does MACC have the time to go after all these cases, or does it intend to selectively decide who to prosecute accordingly? This is manufactured or selective shock by the MACC.

Vijay47: MACC, your unhappiness is understandable since the acquittal has a direct bearing on you.

Yes, MACC may have undergone leadership changes lately, but the fact remains that the charges laid against Lim by you were founded on flimsy, highly questionable evidence, and you as an institution went along with your political handlers.

Your distress now is somewhat perplexing as you previously did not display much concern for enforcement against corruption by other political leaders.

Can you name a single Umno bigwig whom you took to court?  Sorry, what’s that you say, Umno leaders are all pure and virginal, even the married ones? 

Any action against Malaysia’s ambassador to Bali? And of course, the other withered feather in your cap, the Teoh Beng Hock case. Remember him, the poor soul who was blown off the famous 14th floor by a sudden gust of wind?.

Anonymous 2439891477538802: MACC needs to behave like a law-abiding agency. When the AG drops the charges and the judge acquits the accused, MACC must accept and respect the due process.

It should consider the possibility that the investigation was done based on a weak legal basis and inadequate evidence, which are grossly insufficient to secure a conviction.

Cocomomo: Relatively, this was a petty irrelevant case. We are shocked that for years, millions to billions flowed around with hardly any charges made by the MACC, let alone conviction. – MKINI


3 September 2018


MACC ‘shocked’ over Guan Eng’s acquittal

“The MACC is shocked by the decision by the Penang High Court in acquitting the former chief minister of the charges of corruption in relation to the sale of a bungalow lot and the charge of conspiring with businesswoman Phang, after the prosecution retracted the case.

“The MACC would like to stress that the decision was made by the Attorney General’s office and not the MACC,” it said in a statement Monday.

High Court judge Justice Hadhariah Syed Ismail acquitted both the accused and decided the charges be dropped despite the prosecution only proposing a discharge not amounting to an acquittal (DNAA).

Hadhariah, however, said both the accused will be released immediately and would not be called again for the case in future, as they are discharged amounting to acquittal.


GEORGE TOWN: The High Court has dropped the corruption charges against Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng and businesswoman Phang Li Koon over the purchase of a bungalow at allegedly below market price.

Justice Hadhariah Syed Ismail ruled that the case be dropped after the prosecution proffered that the accused be discharged not amounting to acquittal.

Hadhariah said the case could not be held and that the right thing to do was to acquit the accused since the prosecutors had decided to drop the case altogether.


25 July 2018

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) is likely to withdraw its two charges against Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng when his corruption trial resumes next week, reports China Press quoting a source from the anti-graft body.

Lim was the Penang chief minister when he was charged in 2016 with using his public office to approve an application by a company to convert agricultural land for residential purposes.

He was also accused of using his position to purchase a bungalow from businesswoman Phang Li Koon for RM2.8 million, lower than its market value of RM4.27 million. Phang was charged with abetment.

Lim’s trial was adjourned on May 21, pending a review of the charges.

His lawyer Ramkarpal Singh had told the Penang High Court then that they were making representations to the Attorney-General to withdraw the charges.

Lim was sworn in as finance minister on May 21, following Pakatan Harapan’s election victory in the May 9 polls.

Attorney-General will cite Lim Guan Eng for contempt of court…

Lim guan eng corruption case will commence on 26 March. Penangites turn up at the court to show support.


27 March 2018

Price for Guan Eng’s house purchase set before Aug 2013, court told

By Opalyn Mok

GEORGE TOWN, March 27 ― The purchase price for Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s house here was agreed on before he applied for a housing loan in August 2013, the Penang High Court heard today during his graft trial.

A certified financial planner, Lim Wern Shern, told the court that Guan Eng, through his wife Betty Chew Gek Cheng, had contacted him to apply for a housing loan of RM2.1 million in August 2013.

He said it was possible that Guan Eng and the house seller had agreed on the purchase price of the house in Pinhorn Road before he submitted applications for a housing loan.

When Guan Eng’s lead counsel, Gobind Singh Deo, asked if it was normal for a house purchase process including loan applications, documentations and other transactions to take three months up to even eight months or a year, Wern Shern agreed it was.

“The duty assessment for the property purchase will only be processed after the formalisation of the sales and purchase agreement and the presentation of transfer,” Wern Shern said, when asked when the duty assessment was processed in a house purchase.

The former Citibank sales manager also told the court that the final value of the property may ultimately be different from the initial price agreed upon by both buyer and seller due to the long process it takes to finalise the sale.


26 March 2018

‘Kami Geng Najib’ member is first witness in Guan Eng’s graft trial

By Opalyn Mok

GEORGE TOWN, March 26 — A Facebook marketer who said he is a member of the “Kami Geng Najib” was the first person to take the witness stand in the corruption trial of Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, which began this morning.

Mohsin Abdul Latiff, 34, told the High Court here that he frequently posts on his social media under the hashtag “#kamigengNajib, but denied that he is “pro-Barisan Nasional” (BN).

“It means I am a supporter of our country’s prime minister,” he said during cross examination by Lim’s lead counsel Gobind Singh Deo.

Gobind had suggested earlier that Mohsin is pro-BN but the latter disagreed.

The lawyer said the fact that Mohsin is part of the “Kami Geng Najib” meant that he is a BN supporter as Datuk Seri Najib Razak is a BN leader.

Gobind then suggested that Mohsin has a political interest in the graft case against Lim as seen in the complaint filed with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) in 2016 over the DAP secretary-general’s house purchase on Pinhorn Road.

“It is not true. I lodge the report after watching TV3 broadcast of a debate in Parliament between Shabudin and Lim Guan Eng,” Mohsin said.

The video of Tasek Gelugor MP Datuk Shabudin Yahaya debating the Penang chief minister’s house purchase was then screened in court.

Mohsin verified he had lodged the MACC report based on the video shown.
Mohsin could not reply when Gobind pointed out a discrepancy between the details in his MACC report and what was mentioned in the TV3 video clip.

“Your report stated Lim bought the house in 2008 and yet in the video, Shabudin clearly said 2015, so where did you get the information in your report?” He asked.

Mohsin said he made the report two years ago so he could not remember.

Gobind then suggested that Mohsin’s MACC report against Lim was a part of a political conspiracy against the DAP secretary-general which the “Kami Geng Najib” man denied.

Mohsin said he got it from a blog, after Gobind pressed him on the source for the information as contained in the MACC report.

He later admitted that he did not know when the sales and purchase agreement for Lim’s house was signed.

He also admitted that he did not know the land and house value at that time but insisted that he had lodged the report because he believed Lim had bought his house at below market value.

He confirmed that he did not consult any property valuers or experts on the value of Lim’s house.

“So this means you do not know the market value of properties at that time and you do not if the price of Lim’s house was really below market value?” Gobind asked.

Mohsin replied that the purchase price of Lim’s house was unreasonable as he had read on Facebook that the house near Lim’s house along Pinhorn Road was sold a higher price than Lim’s house.

Finally, when Gobind put it to him that his evidence in court was arranged to frame Lim, he denied it.

Gobind asked him repeatedly if he knew the property value of the houses in Pinhorn Road which he finally admitted that he did not know.

Earlier, Mohsin confirmed that he went by the handle “Mamu Parpu” on his social media and that he often participated in protests against the Penang government and Lim.

30 September 2016

Guan Eng corruption trial pushed to December

GEORGE TOWN, Sept 30 ― The Penang High Court has set December 6 for the case management of Lim Guan Eng’s two corruption charges after improper documents prevented the start today, said his lead counsel Gobind Singh Deo.

He told reporters in a brief press conference that the High Court judge Hadhariah Syed Ismail also decided that Lim and businesswoman Phang Li Khoon need not appear in court then.

“The A-G (Attorney-General) was supposed to serve us documents that are used for the charges, and they gave us a CD that contains 13,000 pages without index,” he said.

He explained that the lack of indexing made it difficult for them to collate the facts, and they have since requested that the AG submit the index for the documents.

“The judge has stressed on the importance of getting all the documents in order for the case,” he said.

– See more at:

Rowdy crowds gather for start of Guan Eng corruption trial

GEORGE TOWN, Sept 30 ― Crowds, divided into two groups, started gathering outside the courthouse here as early as 8am today in anticipation of Lim Guan Eng’s corruption trial.

One group, mostly from Persatuan Mukabuku Pulau Pinang, held placards accusing the Penang chief minister of corruption while DAP supporters held up posters in support of Lim.

The Mukabuku group used a loud hailer to hurl insults while accusing Lim of corruption and marginalising the rakyat.

This prompted a response from the Penang chief minister’s supporters who shouted back at them.

The shouting between both groups led to a minor altercation, which was broken up by the police.

– See more at:

JC Azmi Ariffin set bail at RM1mil with one surety for , need not to surrender passport – reports

AG Mohamed Apandi requested for RM1 million bail with one surety for the accused Lim Guan Eng. Supporters waiting.

Madam Neo Yoke Tee hugging @CMLimGuanEng before the court session begins. She gave her husband and her son to the nation. ‪#‎Solidarity4LGE‬

Hannah Yeoh's photo.

AG Apandi leading the prosecution against CM and has requested to transfer the case to High Court. Judge granted request by AG

1m1 minute ago

Lim Guan Eng didakwa atas dua tuduhan rasuah libatkan tanah dan banglo

9m9 minutes ago

Lim Guan Eng bersama Phang Li Khoon dikawal rapi anggota SPRM ketika dibawa masuk ke Kompleks Mahkamah Georgetown. …

Penang chief minister , due to be charged with corruption, arrives at court

AG Apandi Ali has just arrived to personal lead the high profile prosecution against Penang for graft

Shouts of Bebas Guan Eng heard outside the court at the arrival of AG. (admin)

34m34 minutes ago

Ketua Menteri dan ahli perniagaan wanita, Phang Li Khoon tiba di Mahkamah Sesyen pada 10.05 pagi

DAP MP Gelang Patah Lim Kit Siang arrived with his wife and daughter. Shouts of supporters roared.

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