Facebook introduces ‘Reactions’…

24 February 2016

I’m loving Facebook’s new reactions! Test out the new reactions by reacting to reactions!

I’m loving Facebook’s new reactions! Finally new ways to respond to posts. What’s your reaction to the new reactions?!

Desktop: Hover over the Like button.
Mobile: Hold down on the Like button.

Because sometimes Facebook‘s “like” button doesn’t cut it!

Facebook revealed its new “Reactions” feature exclusively on TODAY Wednesday.
today.com|By Scott Stump

launches “Reactions” worldwide

SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) – Now you can do more than just “like” something on Facebook.

The social media giant on Wednesday rolled out its new expanded “reactions” feature which allows its users to express a range of emotions – “like, love, haha, wow, sad or angry.” Facebook had been testing ways to expand the “like” button amid user complaints that it was not always appropriate, especially in cases of tragic events.

…The familiar “like” button with a thumbs-up image will still be there, alongside the new emoticon icons.


Facebook gives users the option of using “Reactions” on posts


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