Failed: Rayani Air, Malaysia’s first syariah-compliant airline


13 June 2016

Will you get your money back?


Give us back our money, say Rayani Air customers

June 13, 2016

Netizens and Rayani Air customers unsympathetic over plight faced by Malaysia’s first shariah-compliant airline.


PETALING JAYA: Sympathy is not a noun best used to describe the feelings Malaysians have towards the shutdown notice handed to the country’s first Islamic airline, Rayani Air Sdn Bhd.

Anger and dissatisfaction would perhaps better represent their feelings as a high number of netizens reacted to the latest development by asking for their money back.

One Facebook user, Hafiefz Izzuddin, commented on a press statement on the airline’s page and wrote: “Dear Rayani Air, most of us have tried calling (the airline) and many of us failed to get through. How transparent are you in refunding our money?”

Another netizen, Radziah Taris, said: “How about my money? Over 30 days already, can’t get through by phone.”

“Refund please,” was another comment made by three separate individuals, Mei Ying, Myra Mohd, and Wesley Kho.

The response came after the airline’s owner and Chief Executive Officer Ravi Alagendrran announced that its Air Service Licence and Air Operator’s Certificate had been revoked by the Malaysian Aviation Commission and the Department of Civil Aviation, effective today.

He also said appeals would be made as the revocation came in the midst of negotiations with potential investors looking to acquire equities in the shariah-compliant airline.

April 11

The Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) issued an order temporarily suspending Rayani Air’s Air Operator’s Certificate for three months.

12 May 2016

21h21 hours ago

Dr Vida cadang beli saham Rayani Air

PETALING JAYA: Selepas menaja The Red Warriors, Pengasas Vida Beauty Sdn Bhd, Datuk Seri Dr Hasmiza Othman sedang mempertimbangkan untuk membeli saham Rayani Air yang dipalit masalah kewangan.

Jutawan kosmetik itu yang lebih dikenali sebagai Dr Vida memberitahu Utusan Malaysia beliau sedang menilai saham Rayani Air dan akan menemui pemiliknya bagi mendapatkan maklumat lanjut berkaitan syarikat itu.

Jelasnya, faktor utama beliau tertarik kepada Rayani Air disebabkan konsep patuh syariah yang diamalkan syarikat berkenaan, tambahan pula industri penerbangan mempunyai prospek besar dan beliau bercadang mengembangkan perniagaan dalam bidang lain.

Anak jati Kelantan itu berkata, ia adalah satu kerugian besar jika syarikat penerbangan patuh syariah yang pertama di negara ini ditutup, memandangkan Rayani Air turut menawarkan penerbangan ke negeri Cik Siti Wan Kembang.

“Ramai rakyat Kelantan bekerja di Lembah Klang dan bila Rayani Air ditutup mereka kurang satu lagi pilihan untuk menggunakan perkhidmatan penerbangan.

“Sekiranya kena dengan harga, apa salahnya saya mengeluarkan sedikit perbelanjaan untuk membeli saham-saham Rayani Air,” katanya kepada akhbar itu semalam.


Rayani Air sedang berunding dengan Dr Vida

May 11, 2016

Ravi tidak membalas pertanyaan ketika diminta mengulas lanjut mengenai bilakah pertemuan dengan Dr Vida akan berlangsung.

PETALING JAYA: Pengasas dan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Rayani Air, Ravi Alagendrran sedia maklum mengenai hasrat Pengasas Vida Beauty Sdn Bhd, Datuk Seri Dr Hasmiza Othman yang sedang mengintai peluang untuk melabur dalam syarikat itu.

Menurutnya, perkara tersebut masih lagi dalam perbincangan antara kedua-dua pihak.

“We are still under negotiation (kami masih lagi berbincang),” katanya kepada FMT melalui aplikasi WhatsApp hari ini apabila diminta mengulas mengenai hasrat Dr Vida itu.

Bagaimanapun, Ravi tidak membalas pertanyaan bilakah pertemuan dengan Dr Vida akan berlangsung.

‘Is Dr Vida serious?’ asks Rayani Air employee

PETALING JAYA: Rayani Air’s KLIA2 station manager Zulkalnain Azdan is questioning whether Hasmiza Othman, the founder of beauty and health products company Vida Beauty Sdn Bhd, is indeed serious in wanting to buy shares in the airline company.

He was responding to a report that Hasmiza, more commonly known as Dr Vida, was considering buying shares in the only shariah-compliant airline company in Malaysia, due to the potential she saw in the airline’s services.

Zulkalnain, who represents a number of Rayani Air staff, said if it was indeed true, then Dr Vida should examine the company carefully, not just based on the potential of the industry, but also the airline’s overall business operations and staff issues.

“Rayani Air is currently experiencing funding problems. Dr Vida needs to know about Rayani Air’s benefits, losses, debts and assets,” he told mStar Online today.

“This includes the arrears of salaries of 400 employees for two months amounting to about RM3 million. Today, it’s come to nearly three months worth of salary arrears,” Zulkalnain said, adding that another aspect that should be considered is the refund for tickets that people bought prior to the suspension of operations.

10 April 2016

Faulty aircraft, unpaid salaries ground M’sia’s first shariah-compliant airline

Faulty aircraft, unpaid salaries ground Rayani Air


PETALING JAYA, April 10 — Claims of faulty airframes and unpaid salaries were among the reasons that apparently led to Rayani Air suspending its operations yesterday, according to insiders.

“The pilots had raised concerns with the windows and hydraulic systems since late January. They were concerned some of these issues could potentially lead to accidents,” a source said.

He said there were numerous technical issues, one being a broken cockpit window that happened on February 9.

“These issues were the so-called “technical problems” often cited by the company over delays and cancellations in flights since February.”

– See more at:

After suspension, Rayani Air passengers’ travel plans in tatters

PETALING JAYA, April 10 — Rayani Air’s suspension has ruined holiday and business travel plans for those who had pre-booked tickets with the airline.

Masniyati Abas, 46, who will join 23 of her family members for a holiday trip to Sabah in August, is upset over the debacle.

“My family had pre-booked 24 tickets with Rayani Air. We were looking forward to our holiday in Sabah,” said the bank manager.

“We have been planning this trip for months but given the current scenario, we may reconsider our vacation plans or book tickets with another airline.”

Malay Mail reporter JERRY CHOONG visited klia2 and was told the Rayani Air ticketing and check-in counters have not been operating for the past three days.

An airport information officer, who declined to be identified, said the airline had notified Malaysia Airport Holdings Berhad that its counters and its office at klia2 would be closed from Thursday onwards.

“Since then, we have had many Rayani Air passengers seeking our assistance. We can only direct them to the company by providing their address and contact details,” she said.

“Many of them left frustrated and agitated, claiming they were not informed. I also heard many passengers were unable to contact the airline.”

Rayani Air’s office in Section 15, Shah Alam, was closed yesterday.
Two women, in their 30s, approached Malay Mail at the office and said they were seeking refunds after pre-booking tickets.

– See more at:

8 April 2016

So new but already in so much trouble!

Rayani Air suspend all operations till futher notice


8 April 2016 | MYT 9:07 PM

Pilot strike causes Rayani Air flight cancellations


PETALING JAYA: A pilot strike has caused the cancellation of certain Rayani Air flights, according to several customers who were informed about it several hours before flight time.

At least three flights from Kuala Lumpur – scheduled to fly to Langkawi (RN182), Kota Kinabalu (RN130) and Kuching (RN154) on Friday – were cancelled, according to posts on social media by unhappy customers.

Siti Nadwatul Shima Nor, 24, said her flight to Langkawi was rescheduled three times before it was finally cancelled.

The texts initially told her of a “re-timed” flight, before she received more texts citing a “pilot strike” and “operational requirement” informing her of the cancellation.

“Their call centre even contacted me today to remind me that the flight was on as scheduled – but it ended up being cancelled,” she said.

When contacted, a Rayani Air spokesperson said she was not authorised to comment on the matter and asked to contact the airline founder instead.

However, calls to founder Ravi Alagendrran went to voicemail.

21 March 2016

faces suspension if services fail to improve

By ADRIAN LAI – 21 March 2016 @ 7:28 PM

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s first Syariah-compliant airline, Rayani Air, may have its wings clipped by having its operating licence suspended if it fails to improve its services and adhere to standards set by the Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia (DCA).

Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said action may be taken against the airline after his ministry received a myriad of complaints from passengers — ranging from flight delays and cancellations to poor service.
“Rayani Air has been cancelling flights without due notice. They have also repeatedly failed to provide replacement flights.
“We’ve given them a warning and they have to comply with regulations,” Liow told reporters when met outside the Parliament lobby today. He said Rayani Air would be referred to the Aviation Commission if complaints against the fledgling airline persisted.
“If consumers feel they are not receiving (proper) service from Rayani Air, they can lodge a complaint with the commission.”
Liow said his ministry had issued the airline an official warning after one of its Langkawi-Kuala Lumpur flights was cancelled on Feb 9.

The Kuala Lumpur-bound flight cancellation, which left hundreds stranded in Langkawi, was caused by a shattered windshield in the cockpit of one of the airline’s Boeing 737 aircraft.

Read More :

Security threat? Transport Ministry probes Rayani Air for handwritten boarding passes

KUALA LUMPUR — The world’s first Shariah-compliant airline is under investigation for allegedly issuing handwritten boarding passes, which Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai deemed to be a potential security threat.

Liow said on Monday (March 21) that his ministry is looking into complaints and may even suspend Rayani Air.

“Yes, it can be a security threat because you can’t read the handwriting. If it’s clear, then it’s different, but if not clear then normally that is not be the case.

“Should not use handwriting for boarding pass, they should have proper boarding pass [sic],” he told reporters outside the Dewan Rakyat here.

Rayani Air came under scrutiny after Kampung Tunku assemblyman Lau Weng San first posted a picture of his allegedly handwritten boarding pass from Kuala Lumpur to Kuching, Sarawak, which was subsequently circulated on social media.

Liow said the ministry will monitor Rayani Air closely and promised to take action if any other problem emerges.

ARE ALL THE COMPLAINTS A RESULT OF ‘SOUR GRAPES’? Are the ones who complained the ones who were ‘unsuitable’ and thus, rejected?

7 March 2016

Agreed with this guy 🙌🏻

One of the comments on IG. Tops it all. Such a waste to be angry with that ‘kind’ of braces. Smile 😁

1h1 hour ago

“You Don’t Fit, Go Home” – Pramugari Ini Hentam Balik Calon Tak layak Yang Kecam Rayani Air

22m22 minutes ago

Temuduga Rayani Air ‘Low Class’, Buang Masa, Beratur Panjang??

Translated from Malay by

Rayani Interview ‘ Low Class ‘ Water, Waste Time, Queue??

12m12 minutes ago

Kebanyakkan pramugari Rayani Air x pakai stokin..bukankah kaki itu juga aurat…

Translated from Malay by

Most of the stewardess Rayani Water x wear socks, … is it not the nakedness walk in. ..

Fucked up religious airline Malaysia can’t even run a recruiting campaign. Don’t fly any Malaysia carriers death.

3h3 hours ago

tak abis2 lg ke pasal rayani air ni. siyes klu tgk pic yg attach dgn berita tu, xdpt masuk kategori sedap mata memandang, let alone cantik

4h4 hours ago

Dah tu dah kenapa orang2 yang interview cabin crew rayani air tu dok bising kena reject sebab kuku panjang. Hang rasa? 😑

8h8 hours ago

SPM 3 kredit dah ada, tinggi lebih 156cm pun ada. Apa lagi yang rayani air mahu??? Oh wait…… Rayani air mahu bracesless….. Ok…….

6 March 2016

On , Shariah-compliant flayed over disastrous job interview session

Rayani Air has since issued an apology on its Facebook page over the handling of the interview session.

“Upon respecting the orders and regulations from airport officials, Rayani Air had to turn down many promising candidates who came for our walk-in interview,” it said.

It said the crowd was “uncontrollable” and pledged to handle such interviews better in the future.

“We sincerely apologise from the bottom of our heart for the inconvenience caused today,” the airline added.

The Shariah-compliant airline only serves halal food and does not serve alcohol.

It is also compulsory for Muslim women cabin crew to wear the hijab and for non-Muslim be decently dressed, said Rayani Air managing director Jaafar Zamhari at a press conference in December last year. MALAY MAIL ONLINE

on the Rayani Air interview issue. it’s not the standards that are too high, it’s you who don’t meet the qualifications. so suck it up.


i was there n yes most of them didnt do homework first b4 the rayani air iv. open heels, colorful headscarf, wide pants, no makeup etc


On Facebook, Rayani Air flayed over disastrous job interview session

KUALA LUMPUR, March 6 — Barely months into its operations, Rayani Air has come under fire from Malaysians online for its poor handling of a walk-in job interview session, which was held at KLIA2 yesterday.

Taking to Facebook to vent their frustration, many candidates who turned up at the interview session complained about the airline’s “rude” staff, as well as being turned away with no explanation given after queuing up for hours.

Some also claimed that the interview session was poorly managed, which eventually resulted in some candidates being made to leave the venue due to overcrowding.

Most of the complaints were posted on Rayani Air’s Facebook page, after the Shariah-compliant airline posted pictures of the interview session.

“The staff are very rude and are yelling and accusing people of cutting queue, which they are not,” said a Facebook user, Balqis Qis.

Balqis alleged that the staff had refused to accept the resumes of some candidates and turned people away based on skin colour, among others.

Another Facebook user, Muhammad Iman, said that Rayani Air should have been clear in its advertising about the kind of candidate it was looking for and not use “the excuse” of being a new airline.

“The interview was such a mess. You can’t even manage an interview but they want to manage an airline?” Nurliza Isnin asked.

“They refused to see my resume. Merely flipped three pages, and then closed it,” said another user by the name of Naora Adachi.

Rayani Air has since issued an apology on its Facebook page over the handling of the interview session.

– See more at:

Barely months into its operations, RayaniAir has come under fire from Malaysians online for its poor handling of a walk-in job interview session, which was held at KLIA2 yesterday.

Taking to Facebook to vent their frustration, many candidates who turned up at the interview session complained about the airline’s “rude”, staff as well as being turned away without proper reason after queuing up for hours.

KUALA LUMPUR, March 6 — Barely months into its operations, Rayani Air has come under fire from Malaysians online for its poor handling of a walk-in job…

These comments! If I were Rayani Air management, they’ll be blacklisted for sure

4h4 hours ago

Apahal muka2 yang pergi iv rayani air ni semua macam budak2 mds uitm je

4h4 hours ago

“Buang masa je pergi open interview Rayani Air, management teruk!”

On Facebook, Shariah-compliant Rayani Air flayed over disastrous job interview session

Agreed with this guy 🙌🏻

Very Poor Rayani Air. Kesian member aku one of the victim yang beratur panjang nakharom. Very Poor

RayaniAir Community updated their cover photo.
RayaniAir Community's photo.

9 February 2016 

Rayani Air says flight delay caused by shattered windshield, suspects sabotage

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 9 — The Kuala Lumpur bound flight cancellation that left hundreds stranded in Langkawi yesterday was caused by a shattered windshield in the cockpit of the Boeing 737, Rayani Air said today.

Malaysia’s first ever “shariah-compliant” carrier said in a statement issued this evening the windshield was found broken after yesterday’s night stop flight, adding that it was investigating the matter including for possible sabotage.

“On behalf of Rayani Air we apologise for the flight cancellation from Langkawi today. This is not due to some technical error or event. Our windshield in the cockpit was found to be shattered after yesterday’s night stop flight.

“We are investigating this incident whether it is an act of sabotage or not. We will liaise with relevant authorities to deal with this,” the statement read.

Yesterday Bernama reported that more than 200 passengers were left stranded at the Langkawi International Airport after a Boeing 737 aircraft of Rayani Air developed technical problems.

Flight RN180 scheduled for the Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (klia2) at 11.10am was not allowed to depart due to the technical problems.

The carrier said today it is doing its best to ensure passengers stranded get home “safe and sound”.

– See more at:

Embedded image permalink
Embedded image permalink

2h2 hours ago

Two flights canceled, 200 stranded

Embedded image permalink

1h1 hour ago

Masalah teknikal, lebih 200 penumpang pesawat Rayani Air terkandas di Langkawi

Embedded image permalink


More than 200 Rayani Air passengers stranded


More than 200 passengers were today stranded at the Langkawi International Airport after a Boeing 737 aircraft of Rayani Air developed technical problems.

Flight RN180 scheduled for the KL International Airport 2 (KLIA2) at 11.10am was not allowed to depart due to the technical problems.

A Rayani Air customer service officer said the problems were still unidentified.

“I was made to understand that the engineering division is still waiting for the replacement parts to fix the aircraft,” said the officer, who declined to reveal his name.

He said the affected passengers were given a choice whether to use ferry and bus services provided by the Rayani Air back to Kuala Lumpur or to get their air fares refunded.

The officer said another Rayani Air flight scheduled at 6.20pm had also been cancelled.

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