Video: Pengakuan Sirul Yang Altantuya Part 2. “That woman not pregnant.”

Video: Pengakuan Sirul Azhar Umar bahawa terdapat pihak cuba mengguna dirinya untuk menjatuhkan seseorang


Enough wayang, Sirul, just reveal murder motive

YOURSAY | Why only now is he changing his story, why won’t he name who ordered Altantuya’s killing?

‘That woman’ not pregnant, says Sirul in second video

The Analyser: How could convicted Altantuya Shaariibuu murderer Sirul Azhar Umar possibly know “a certain unnamed “woman” “was not pregnant? Another Malaysian expert in almost everything… except common sense and intelligence.

Septuaman: Whether Altantuya was pregnant or not is a non-issue. What is of import is he coldbloodedly killed her by shooting her in the head – twice. He deserves no clemency and should be denied any freedom of movement whether here or in Australia.

Versey: Sirul, it is a fact, not something that had been cooked up, that it’s you and the other bodyguard/police officer who killed “that woman”, right?

As a matter of fact, whether it’s true that a “certain someone” was the target of slander by “certain quarters” or “some media” is aiming to topple the “unnamed person”, it is really none of your business.

Neither are you qualified to testify to the rakyat and the world whether that “woman” is pregnant or not.

Please just tell us:

1) Who gave you the order to kill Altantuya and who gave out the instruction to blow her into ashes?

2) From whom and how did you manage to get the C4 explosives? Any sensible human being will tell you that talking straight to the point with honesty is far more pleasing to Almighty God than wearing a holy appearance.

Dingy: What happened to Sirul’s confession to the police, where he supposedly said Altantuya begged for her life as she was pregnant? What was the motive for blowing up the body if not to prevent tracing the DNA’s fetus to somebody?

Who was the VVIP that Altantuya told her father about before coming to Malaysia? Did Altantuya contact the VVIP that she carried his baby?

Cocomomo: If he can clearly state she was not pregnant, it means he is lying as instructed or for a donation. No way he can firmly state she was not pregnant. He would not know if she was in her early stages when it would not have been noticeable. Shows that somebody has something to hide.

Visu: All these dirty, corrupt, immoral murderers live in a make-believe world. You are a convicted murderer and nothing you say would matter.

It does not make sense to blow up a young woman with C4 unless there were reasons to do so like trying to hide DNA evidence of the unborn child that belonged to someone very powerful and despised by his wife. Otherwise a murder can be easily done like how DPP Kevin Morais was killed and Hussein Najadi was gunned down.

Bystander: Why did Sirul wait until now to change his story? If you go through the trial, it was stated that Altantunya was begging for mercy as she was bearing a child. So Sirul is alleging the media was lying? Sounds familiar?

Just like the people involved with 1MDB who also change stories from time to time. By the way, how could Sirul know Altantunya was not pregnant? Did she come back to confess to him one night in Sydney?

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‘That woman’ not pregnant, says Sirul in second video

In a second video to surface allegedly of former police commando Sirul Azhar Umar, the convicted murderer of Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu has emphatically denied media reports that a certain unnamed “woman” was pregnant.

“Some media have mentioned, as have been carried by the mass media, including by online media, that uploaded certain facts which are inaccurate.

“What was reported is not true at all; what was reported is false, including the allegation that the woman was pregnant, and was with child at the time.

“It is not true at all. It is not true at all, that the woman was with child, I clarify here,” he said, in the same calm monotone as before.

While Sirul did not mention the identity of the woman, he is likely referring to Altantuya, the murder of whom he and his former police partner Azilah Hadri has been convicted of and sentenced to death for.

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