Jason Lim, Actor and Director, “Today I was Attacked, Help Me Malaysia.”


11 January 2016 | MYT 7:54 AM

Two arrested for road bullying

KUALA LUMPUR: Police have arrested two men, aged 21 and 25, for allegedly harassing a male driver on the Kesas Highway on Saturday.

Brickfields OCPD Asst Comm Sharul Othman Mansor said on Sunday that based on videos and photos retrieved from the victim’s mobile phone, police successfully tracked down the suspects’ motorcycle.

“Two men, aged between 21 and 25, were then arrested on Sunday.

“When interrogated, the suspects claimed that they were angry because the victim was driving fast and dangerously.

“They alleged that the victim almost crashed into them,” he added.

The suspects are currently at the Jinjang central lockup and will be remanded on Monday.


10 Januaury 2016

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Jason Lim added 4 new photos to the album: Today I was Attacked, Help Me Malaysia.

Today I was Attacked, Help Me Malaysia

Updated 19 hours ago
Today I was Attacked, Please Help me Malaysia. As I was driving down Kesas Highway today, suddenly Two Malay Motorcyclist on the Highway suddenly appeared both left and right sides of my car only inches to spare. To begin with, both the Motorcyclist were illegally speeding on a Highway where no motorcycles where allowed on as there was a dedicated motorcycle lane for them. They appeared out of no where beside my car and suddenly I heard a Loud Bang which I suspect to be one of the motorcyclist assaulting the body of my car and attempting to break my window. I Panicked and quickly took out my phone and started recording and managed to record one of the motorcyclist however he quickly swerved to the far left of the Highway to avoid my camera. I initially thought they were gone for good but they were suddenly again in front and slowly waited for me to pass them and tailgated me from a distance. They tried approaching my car again and tailgated my car for around 5000 meters. They appeared to be taking photos of my car and myself. Dear Malaysians, The Malaysian police force has been informed and is surprisingly helpful and on a Man Hunt to locate these Culprits, however I am not leaving this to chance and I seek Malaysians for your help. The motorcyclist has a incomplete License plate which is broken therefore we are unable to trace the number plate. I urged you Malaysians to Help me by Sharing this to Hunt Down these Culprits as they have taken photos of my vehicle as I am worried for the safety of my family and myself. If you are able to recognize this Man or his Uniform or make out the Text on his Uniform or Incomplete number plate, I urge you to lend a hand for a fellow Malaysian. I did my part in making films for a better Malaysia, would you do your part to help me back? – Jason Limtor

光天化日下的大道驚魂記。大馬年輕導演林翊勝(Jason Lim)在沙亞南大道(KESAS Highway)上被2名巫裔飆車族盯上,暴打車身后更一路緊貼車身追蹤,途中頻頻大聲叫囂恐嚇車主,飛車途中還比中指兼拿出手機拍攝車主,驚險環節猶如飆車電影… http://bit.ly/1TNd5ak

光明日報 Guang Ming Daily's photo.

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