Could someone trustworthy set up a Fund for M. Indira Gandhi? She needs financial help…


27 January 2019

‘We’re left hanging,’ says Indira a year after court victory

KUALA LUMPUR: M Indira Gandhi’s troubles are far from over although a year has passed since she won her famous court battle against Muhammad Riduan Abdullah for custody of their three children.

Apart from pining for the youngest child, whom Riduan has refused to give up, Indira is broke and finding it hard to get a job. She claims this is because prospective employers would rather not hire someone who was mired in controversy for nine years.

She is a bankrupt because of her inability to settle a car loan and she blames this on Riduan. She said he bought the Proton Wira under her name when they were still married and then disposed of it.

In a recent interview with FMT, she also said she had not received alimony or any form of child support, and she wondered if Riduan had remarried. “Maybe he has another family now, but what about me and my family? We are being left hanging.”

Former Law Minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim has called on Malaysians to raise funds in order to create a film on M. Indira Gandhi’s life and long-disputed custody case.

However, many may want to contribute to a fund to finance her continuing struggle that involves huge legal costs.

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Members of PWW with support from other NGOs will do a solidarity walk in support of Indira Gandhi.
Date 16th January ( SATURDAY), time 4.30 pm.
Venue, Polo Ground,Ipoh

Details will be announced later today RT :Could someone set up a Fund for M. Indira Gandhi?

Indira Gandhi: Please take away my pain.

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10 January 2016

Now, Indira Gandhi has her final shot – she will be appealing the Court of Appeal majority decision, and is expected to file the appeal within the next two to three weeks or sooner.

The Federal Court should expedite the hearing and empanel a full bench to hear this appeal as any decision it makes will have far-reaching consequences on the nation.

Rakyat Post

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 31, 2015:Former Law Minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim has called on Malaysians to raise funds in order to create a film on M. Indira Gandhi’s life and long-disputed custody case.Indira is embroiled in a six-year dispute with her former husband, Mohd Ridzuan Abdullah or K. Patmanathan, who converted to Islam, over custody of their youngest daughter, Prasana Diksa, since 2009.

Her former husband ran off with their youngest child, then an 11-month-old toddler, and subsequently converted all their three children to Islam without Indira’s knowledge.

Zaid said that the film would serve as a narrative medium to convey Indira’s story for the public as well as the world to evaluate and arbitrate on the matter.

“The world must know the story of how a nation lost its soul and how justice became so alien to our elites, who now care for nothing but themselves.

“Let the arguments put forth by Indira and the decisions of the judges be documented and aired for the world to see.

“I am sure we can raise enough for a good film about love and wickedness,” wrote the former Cabinet minister on his official blog,, today.

He lamented that the proceedings of the case represent a great injustice within the country and puts the Malaysian legal system as well as the notion of the Federal Constitution into question.

“I ask myself: what kind of kind of country have we become to produce such harsh laws and heartless judges?

“What kind of judges have we produced? Do they not feel the need to be human and compassionate?

“Have they become comfortably numb, ensconced in the multi million-ringgit Palace of Justice? Don’t tell me the law, and please don’t tell me they had no choice,” he added.

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2 Responses to Could someone trustworthy set up a Fund for M. Indira Gandhi? She needs financial help…

  1. E Lye says:

    Today, the Namewee Banglasia kickstarter project failed. 4435 backers only pledged USD186,468. Too far from the USD500,000 target. The “authorities” are using covert means to destroy dissent. They are creatively making up reasons to censor the film when similar scenes by international outfits and filmed in Malaysia get allowed.

    They will do the same if you make this film. If this goes ahead, better make sure all the funds have been secured and don’t expect to make any profit out of it.

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