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Singapore is a FINE nation! You could get fined for many things…

— SINGAPORE IS A FINE NATION. The fine for breaking the law can be steep. bleacherreport.com … 27 May 2019 .. Man fined S$300 after shooting two rubber bands that landed on public road Man fined S$300 after shooting two … Continue reading

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TUT-TUT to SPAD’s TUK-TUK suggestion

— 12 January 2015 SPAD chairman Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar had mooted the idea to introduce the tuk-tuk  here as a cheaper alternative to taxis in the suburbs. SPAD is mulling the introduction of tuk tuk’s as an urban … Continue reading

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Baju kurung-gate for Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seri Mutiara

— Non-Muslim Form Three student, Britney Nicole, was barred from attending classes after donning a baju kurung to school. She was told that non-Muslims could not wear the baju kurung. Later, the principal said it has a misunderstanding, that she … Continue reading

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HOOTERS are in Jakarta, Indonesia, not in KL, Malaysia…

… 15 April 2017 .. Hooters Jakarta general manager Sherry Suradj, “But one of our trademarks is the girls are required to dance once every 45 minutes.” The Star‏Verified account @staronline 2h2 hours ago Newly opened Hooters Jakarta boasts family-friendly sports … Continue reading

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When your GOLD and the people who have it GO MISSING!

— IT’S THE TURN OF SINGAPOREANS TO ASK, “WHERE IS OUR GOLD?” Many Malaysians have found to their cost that their gold is nowhere to be found. Nor is the money they paid for the gold recoverable. BESTINO GOLD: ‘All … Continue reading

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