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‘Samurai’ swordsman on Singapore MRT gets 7 weeks in Jail

____________________________________________________________ DRESSED AS A SAMURAI COMPLETE WITH SWORD, THIS MAN HAD BOARDED THE MRT IN SINGAPORE! forums.hardwarezone.com.sg That was in December 2013. He gets sentenced to 7 weeks in prison. —– YAHOO! NEWS SINGAPORE Singaporeโ€™s MRT โ€˜Samurai swordsmanโ€™ gets 7 … Continue reading

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Alongs and debt collectors in Malaysia…

_________________________________________________________________ ALONGS ARE WHAT WE CALL LOAN SHARKS. In Singapore, they continue with their ‘business’ although the authorities hound them. In Malaysia, they roam the whole country with impunity. They are the UNTOUCHABLES. The normal response of the police is … Continue reading

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