Witch hunt? Going after PAS Number 2 is only part of a BIGGER AGENDA…



The list of 10 evidences presented by the Home Ministry today are that Mat Sabu had:

  • Used Khomeini as an example of a good leader in a Harakah article in 2008;
  • Confessed to be an admirer Khomeini in his speech on Jun 13, 2011;
  • Frequently visits Shiite-majority Iran, as per the testimony of Home Ministry officer Zamihan Mat Zin;
  • Recites the selawat (praises for the prophet) the Shiite way at a PAS ceramah in Arau, Perlis in 2005, as claimed by Zamihan;
  • Uses a small stone when he performs the sujud (prostrate to Allah in prayer) as per Shiite practice, as claimed by one “Abdul Rahim”, a grassroots religious teacher from Pendang, Kedah that Mat Sabu in Umno blog ‘Duke of Umno‘;
  • Professed admiration for Shiite Lebanese leader Hassan Nasrullah and said he and his wife frequetly visits Hassan, as claimed by Jalur Tiga NGO;
  • Cited Shiite ulamas in his Christmas Day message to Christians published in Harakah Daily in 2008;
  • Attended a “Shiite class” conducted by two “Shiite ulamas” in Bukit Merah, Perak in 2011;
  • Visited a “Shiite mosque” in Satun, Thailand in 2011;
  • Is a “Shiite icon”, as claimed by Jalur Tiga (Jati) deputy president Aidit Ghazali in an interview in news portal Antara Pos.

Mat Sabu: I’m a Khomeini admirer, not a Shiite

Malaysian Insider

Don’t be used by Putrajaya, Anwar tells Jakim

December 15, 2013

PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (pic) lashed out at the religious authorities today for allowing Putrajaya to use the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) to embarrass political opponents.

Speaking for the first time on the Shia allegation against PAS deputy President Mohamad Sabu, Anwar said the relevant authority should charge Mohamad Sabu if it has compelling evidence against him.

He said Mohamad Sabu should be allowed to explain his admiration for the late Iranian revolutionary leader Ayatollah Khomeini, but not on the Shia accusation against him.

“This is a political remark when he said he is a bit pro-Khomeini, so let him explain. This is not a charge like Jakim insisting he explain his Islamic principles. You have to have clear and compelling evidence before asking him to explain himself,” said Anwar after a book launch at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

He advised the Jakim officer who had demanded that Mohamad Sabu defend himself over the Shia allegations, not to be manipulated into embarrassing the opposition leader.

“I would like to ask the Jakim officer, does he follow the instructions of the Umno vice president or Islamic regulations? Because there were cases that I brought to Syariah court, but Jakim did not help. Jakim should first be clear on its stand,” said Anwar, referring to Home Minister and Umno vice-president  Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi who last week ordered religious authorities to take action against Mohamad Sabu over his alleged links to the Shia sect, which Putrajaya deems as deviant.



Anwar: Take Shiah proof to court, stop Mat Sabu’s ‘torture’

PETALING JAYA, Dec 15 — The Home Ministry should prosecute Mohamad Sabu instead of persecuting him with dribs and drabs of purported evidence in their hands that allegedly prove the PAS deputy president to be a follower of the Shiah school of Islam, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said today.

The de facto head of the opposition Pakatan Rakyat (PR) bloc scorned the ministry’s purported evidence used to link Mohamad to Islam’s second-largest sect and which one the government has deemed deviant.

“If they have the proof, then just charge. If not, do not torture others,” Anwar told reporters after a book launch event in Subang Jaya here.

“If the home minister has compelling evidence to charge or demand Mat Sabu to offer explanation, then so be it. But you should respect the rule of law a bit,” he added, referring to Mohamad by his nickname.

The 66-year-old Anwar told reporters today that almost everybody from his generation had been an admirer of Khomeini.

The former deputy prime minister-turned-opposition leader also chided the ministry for separating their alleged pieces of evidence into Grades A and B, which he claimed to be an unheard of practice in government.



Kedah Shia leader, too, doesn’t believe Mat Sabu is Shia

A Shia leader from Kedah has disputed the Home Ministry’s claim that the PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu is a follower of the Muslim denomination.

Abdullah Hassan said based on his observation of Mohamad, or Mat Sabu, over the past five years, he did not think the veteran PAS leader is a Shia Muslim.

“I don’t know whether he (Mat Sabu) is a Shia believer or not. In my observations, I don’t see him as one,” Abdullah told Malay daily Sinar Harian.

He aslo said he had no knowledge of Mat Sabu’s involvement in Shia activities as claimed by Putrajaya.

Abdullah, however, stressed that although Mat Sabu admired the leadership of the late Iranian revolutionary leader Ayatollah Khomeini, it did not mean he was a Shia.

“The similarity between Mat Sabu and me is that we are both admirers of Imam Khomeini but from a different perspective.

“Shia agrees with Khomeini when it came to the denomination while Mat Sabu might be looking at his leadership skills which brought about the Iranian revolution. But that is his personal right to admire any leader,” he added.



Perkasa chief not convinced by Putrajaya’s Shia evidence against Mat Sabu

PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu may have an unlikely ally in Datuk Ibrahim Ali, leader of the right wing Malay group Perkasa, who doubted the Home Ministry’s recent allegation that the veteran PAS leader is a Shia Muslim.

On Thursday, Putrajaya linked Mohamad, popularly known as Mat Sabu, to Shia activities, and cited his admiration for the late Iranian revolutionary leader Ayatollah Khomeini.

But Ibrahim said admiring Iranian leaders is not proof that one is a Shia Muslim.

Ibrahim, one of few Malaysians who met Khomeini in person when the latter lived in exile in France, also dismissed suggestions that he too was a Shia follower as a big joke.

“If I am accused of being a Shia because I met with the Khomeini, it will be the biggest joke as my meeting with anyone cannot be used to say that I follow or agree with their beliefs.

“Admiring Iran’s Islamic Revolution has nothing to do with Shia. It was a political fight by the people of Iran against its cruel leader at that time,” Ibrahim told The Malaysian Insider in Kuala Lumpur, referring to the Shah of Iran, Mohammad Shah Reza Pahlavi, who was overthrown in the 1979 popular uprising.

On whether Mat Sabu is a Shia, Ibrahim said: “I don’t know. It has to be answered by him alone and has nothing to do with my meeting with the Khomeini.”



‘Home Ministry sabotaging Zahid with shoddy proof?’
6:16PM Dec 13, 2013

The Home Ministry “proof” that PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu is a Shiite follower is so questionable that one wonders if self-sabotage was at work, PAS central committee member Riduan Mohd Nor said.

Worse still, he said, the “evidences” are so laughable that people are now wondering if it was compiled purposely to “embarrass” Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

“People are now confused. Is it a willful act to embarrass Ahmad Zahid so that he will be sued and lose in court?

“Or could it be that the Home Ministry was made to present evidences at any cost after the Umno vice president’s slip of tongue at the Umno general assembly?” Riduan asked in a statement.

He added that the failure to gather solid evidence is also a matter for concern as it was previously believed that the Home Ministry is the “most gruesome” agency in charge of national security.

“(The Home Ministry) has widespred communication networks, espionage teams, propaganda machines, professional think tanks and so on, who can plan and devise all sorts of things for the nation…

“But if this is their level of action then we can also be anxious about the state of national security.

‘Home Ministry sabotaging Zahid with shoddy proof?’


Mat Sabu: I’m a Khomeini admirer, not a Shiite
6:59PM Dec 12, 2013

The list of 10 things given by the Home Ministry allegedly “proving” that PAS number two Mohamad Sabu is a Shiite adherent is not enough to the accused.

In an immediate reaction, the politician better known as Mat Sabu stood firm on his earlier denial.

“About the allegation that I was impressed with Khomeini, I say thanks. I am an admirer of his leadership because he is a leader who brought Muslims to stand on their own,” he said.

“I am also an admirer of Hassan Nasrullah (Lebanese Shiite leader),” he added.

He added he will make a further statement after meeting with his lawyer this Sunday.

Mat Sabu’s unflappable response was matched by former education deputy minister Saifuddin Abdullah.


Apparently ridiculing the ministry’s “evidence”, the now chief executive officer of the government initiative Global Movement of Moderates, said that he, too, is a Khomeini admirer.

“I admire (South African leader Nelson) Mandela, (Cuban communist fighter) Che Guevera, (Indian independence activist) Ghandi and (Indian nun) Mother Theresa.

“Does that make me a Christian, Communist and Hindu? I too admire Khomeini. Am I a Shiite?” he asked on Twitter.

Mat Sabu: I’m a Khomeini admirer, not a Shiite

Yes, they mean Mat Sabu, not someone else.

Now, let’s wait for witnesses to be produced, maybe a video?


Thursday December 12, 2013 MYT 5:27:08 PM

Home Ministry: Mat Sabu has Syiah links

PUTRAJAYA: The Home Ministry has confirmed Mohamad Sabu as the PAS leader that has links with Syiah teachings.

Ministry secretary-general Datuk Seri Abdul Rahim Radzi said this was based on information linking the PAS deputy president to the sect.

He said the information included that Mohamad had recited the “Selawat” (praises to the Prophet Muhamad) using the Syiah followers’ version.

“He had also on several occasions expressed his admiration towards Khomeini ledership and struggle,” he told a press conference here on Thursday.

Abdul Rahim said the police together with Jakim would continue their cooperation to curb the Syiah activities.

Home Ministry: Mat Sabu has Syiah links



At the close of the Umno general assembly yesterday, party president and prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced that his party would be taking the lead in formalising “Sunni” as Malaysia’s brand of Islam in its internal constitution.

Several Muslim lawyers, however, have voiced out that any move to gazette this in the Federal Constitution, the highest law of the country, would be “unconstitutional” as it would entirely wipe out the Malay-Muslim identities of non-Sunni Muslims in Malaysia.

Former Umno minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim recently echoed the same, arguing that hardline Islamic leaders who seek to punish Syiah Muslims here may only “destroy the country”.

He likened the crackdown to the intra-faith conflict raging among Arab nations and urged Malaysians not to go down the same road as their Muslim brethren there.

“Are they Syiah Muslim? Obviously they are; otherwise Jakim would not be interested in them.

Read more in:

In redefining Islam, PAS-DAP reps take divergent paths




Who is Number Two in PAS? In PAS, the highest office is held by the Chairman, Tuan Guru Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat. The second highest position is held by Tuan Guru Datuk Harun Din.

Free Malaysia Today

Harun Din orang nombor dua dalam PAS, kata Mat Sabu

FMT Staff | December 10, 2013

Mat Sabu tidak gentar dengan kenyataan Zahid Hamidi untuk mendedahkan bukti secara terperinci mengenai pemimpin PAS yang terlibat dengan fahaman Syiah.

PETALING JAYA: Timbalan Presiden PAS, Mohamad Sabu berkata beliau tidak pasti sama ada Naib Presiden Umno, Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi memaksudkan dirinya kerana Timbalan Presiden PAS bukan jawatan nombor dua dalam parti Islam itu.

“Di dalam PAS, jawatan tertinggi adalah Mursyidul Am yang dipegang oleh Tuan Guru Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat. Manakala jawatan kedua tertinggi adalah Tuan Guru Datuk Harun Din,” katanya.

“Peguam masih lagi kaji tindakan susulan yang akan dilakukan. Kita tunggu dulu pendedahan dia,” katanya merujuk kepada Ahmad Zahid.

Dalam Perhimpunan Agung Umno (PAU) Sabtu lalu, Menteri Dalam Negeri tidak menyebut nama Mohamad Sabu ketika mendakwa ada pemimpin nombor dua PAS menganut fahaman syiah.

Bagaimanapun, Mat Sabu tidak gentar dengan kenyataan Zahid Hamidi untuk mendedahkan bukti secara terperinci mengenai pemimpin PAS yang terlibat dengan fahaman Syiah.

Harun Din orang nombor dua dalam PAS, kata Mat Sabu



Zahid: I’ve evidence against ‘Shiite’ PAS No 2

Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has insisted that authorities are in possession of evidence, including “pictures”, proving that the “PAS number two” follows Shiite teachings.

However, he refused to name PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu openly, and only laughed when pointed out that “PAS number two” can only refer to Mohamad.

“Why does he need to be afraid. If my officers show the evidence then what will he say? One of the characteristics of Shiites is that they are good at being fake,” he said.

Zahid: I’ve evidence against ‘Shiite’ PAS No 2


Mat Sabu mulls suing Zahid over Shiite claim
4:04PM Dec 8, 2013

PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu is considering legal action against Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi for accusing him of being a Shiite.

According to Harakahdaily, Mohamad Sabu who is better known as Mat Sabu, denied Ahmad Zahid’s accusation and described it as ill-intentioned.

“I have not heard what he said, but I will discuss it with my lawyers first.

“I am a Sunni, a Muslim that follows the Sunni school of thought,” he was quoted saying.

Mat Sabu mulls suing Zahid over Shiite claim

Despite his disavowals of Shia leanings and insistence he is Sunni, Mat Sabu has been typecast as a follower of the former sect.


Yet again, Zahid sticks foot in mouth

COMMENT Umno vice president Zahid Hamidi cannot resist the temptation to strut the muscular stuff before an Umno audience.

At the winding-up session of the annual Umno general assembly yesterday, a swaggering Zahid charged at Umno’s newfangled bogey which now happens to be Shia Islam and its supposedly highly placed adherents in the country.

According to Zahid, it seems Shia Islam has had PAS deputy president Mohammed Sabu in its clutches though he did not specifically name the PAS leader as a Shia enthusiast.

He said he could not understand how the Islamic party could re-elect to its No. 2 position an admirer of this branch of Islam when Muslims in Malaysia are overwhelmingly of the Sunni persuasion.

Last month Mat Sabu, who is not from the ulamak wing of PAS, won the deputy presidency of the party for the second time in succession by outpolling his scholarly rival.

It has become fashionable in Umno to saddle PAS with the bogey of Shiaism after it became known that Mat Sabu, after the Iranian revolution in 1979, was much taken with the high learning displayed by the mullahs there.

bersih 3 rally 090512 11 unit amalThe uniformed unit of PAS, called Unit Amal, deployed at PAS gatherings to provide security and to help in crowd control, was modeled after the Revolutionary Guards of Iran.

Yet again, Zahid sticks foot in mouth

IS THERE ANY EVIDENCE? Is a whiff of suspicion enough?


There was talk about UMNO-PAS talks but with UMNO going after PAS No. 2, Mat Sabu, what talks are they talking about?


In redefining Islam, PAS-DAP reps take divergent paths

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 8 — A proposal by Putrajaya to specify “Sunni” as Malaysia’s only legally recognised Islamic sect has drawn divergent views from two Muslim leaders in the multiracial Pakatan Rakyat (PR) pact, with Islamist PAS backing the move and secular DAP labelling it “un-Islamic”.

DAP assistant national publicity secretary Zairil Khir Johari said there was “no need whatsoever” to legally define the sort of Islamic ideology that is practised in Malaysia, as it would only lead to discrimination against other Islamic groups, driving a stake deeper into Muslim unity here.

But his PAS comrade Salahuddin Ayub, a vice-president in the Islamist party, tacitly agreed to the plan, saying it is important in Islam to streamline the ideology, especially since the practice of the religion has long been adopted as part and parcel of Malay culture.

On Friday, Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the proposal would be brought before the government for discussion in a bid to prevent the spread of other Islamic ideologies, including the Syiah sect, in Malaysia.

National newswire Bernama quoted the minister as saying that by inserting the words “Sunnah wal Jamaah” in the definition of Islam in the Federal Constitution, it would ensure that Muslims who follow other ideologies are prohibited from spreading their teachings.

It is widely accepted that “Sunnah wal Jamaah” is the de-facto ideology adopted by the majority of Muslims in Malaysia, though religious authorities have long grappled with pockets of different sects that have taken root across the country.

Prior to the creation of PR in 2008, ties between DAP and PAS were at times tenuous and even directly antagonistic as both parties disagreed on how Islam should be approached in the national context.

DAP has long maintained that Malaysia is a secular state, insisting that Islam’s position as the religion of the federation does not make the country an Islamic state.

PAS, on the other hand, continues to hold on to the aim of establishing an Islamic state — as outlined in the party’s constitution — despite easing up on the issue in recent years to accommodate their partners in the PR coalition.

The two parties, however, still lock horns every so often over issues related to Islam, with the latest tiff surfacing early last month when DAP chairman Karpal Singh suggested that all religious- and race-based professional or political bodies be de-registered to protect the unity and interests of Malaysia’s multi-racial society.




Home Ministry, Jakim forms new body to deal with deviationist teachings

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 7 — The Home Ministry has linked up with the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) to form a special commission to stamp out deviationist teachings in the country, Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi announced today.

The Home Minister said the commission will play an important role in the context of national security, as it will deal with any and all deviationist sects that could potentially lead Malaysia’s Muslim faithful away from the dominant Sunnah wal Jamaah ideology.

“I am not looking at akidah (faith), because that comes under Jamil Khir’s jurisdiction. I am looking at the aspect of national security,” the Umno vice-president said, referring to Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom, who holds the Islamic affairs portfolio.


Malaysian Insider

Shia accusations must be backed up by evidence, says Jamil Khir

December 07, 2013

There has to be strong evidence in order to accuse a person of practising Shia teachings, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom (pic) said today.

Jamil Khir, who is charge of the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim), said Shia teachings did not involve a party, they were based on the person’s individual beliefs.

He was commenting on the statement by Home Minister and Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, accusing PAS of electing a Shia follower for its second top post.

Although he did not provide a name, it is common knowledge that Mohamad Sabu had retained the deputy president’s position in last month’s PAS Muktamar.

“We treat the statement by Ahmad Zahid very seriously,” Jamil Khir told reporters at the Umno general assembly at the Putra World Trade Centre.



Zahid wants crackdown on ‘Shiite’ Mat Sabu

UMNO ASSEMBLY The anti-Shiite rhetoric that dominated the Umno general assembly has culminated in the home minister accusing a top PAS leader of being a Shiite member.

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (right), who is also Umno vice-president, openly levelled the accusation against PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu in his winding up speech at the general assembly today.

“We are curious as to how PAS chose a Shiite leader as its number two in the party. Do not try to hide.

“The Home Ministry empowers (Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department in charge of Islamic Affairs) Jamil Khir Baharom to take action against the leader,” he pronounced.

Zahid wants crackdown on ‘Shiite’ Mat Sabu



Umno to change constitution to specify Islam as Sunni

Clause 3.3 of the Umno constitution will be amended to recognise Islam as the federal religion while Islam constitutes Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah, said Najib Razak.

The prime minister said the Umno constitution would also be amended to fine tune the party’s election process.

“We will state in no uncertain terms on Islam upheld by Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah (followers of the Sunni sect) in the Umno Constitution,” he said in his adjournment speech at the 2013 Umno General Assembly here today.

Clause 3.3 of the Umno Constitution states that Umno upholds, defends and propagates the official religion of Islam and respect the constitutional rights of non-Muslims to freedom of religion.

Umno to change constitution to specify Islam as Sunni


07 December 2013|

Zahid: Commission to address deviationist teachings needed

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi today expressed the need to immediately set up a commission to address deviationist teachings through a cooperation with the Home Ministry and the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim).

Ahmad Zahid, who is Home Minister, said this was necessary in view of the spread of deviationist teachings, as well as the Syiah teachings, in the country which had to be addressed.

“Look at what had been done by illegal movements, such as the extremist religious groups al-Arqam, al-Ma’unah, Ayah Pin and Tuhan Harun. We don’t want the Muslims to be divided by deviationist teachings,” he said.


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