Did Pos Malaysia steal Romy Ocon’s photo?


Romy Ocon says that Pos Malaysia stole his photo and named the bird wrongly!



Yahoo Malaysia learnt that Pos Malaysia is already aware of this allegation and is meeting with Tourism Malaysia over the matter. Yahoo Malaysia was told to get an update about thesituation later today.

Romy told us that he would advise other photographers to post only small versions of their photos online and to always watermark their work to avoid theft.

Yahoo Malaysia

Foreign pixman claims Pos Malaysia stole his photo


Saturday November 9, 2013 MYT 9:03:50 AM

MNS cries foul over Pos Malaysia’s alleged stamp plagiarism


PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) has voiced its disappointment over Pos Malaysia’s alleged used of plagiarised bird photos in their Visit Malaysia 2014 stamp collection.
Its president Prof Maketab Mohammad said that although the media house responsible for designing the stamps claimed that the images were merely ‘drafts’, the excuse is still not valid since the images were uploaded to Pos Malaysia’s official Stamp and Philately Facebook page.
“Even if these were ‘drafts’, the use of images without permission is still wrong,” he said in a statement.

MNS cries foul over Pos Malaysia’s alleged stamp plagiarism

Free Malaysia Today

Come clean, Pos Malaysia


Jeswan Kaur | November 7, 2013

Pos Malaysia has been accused of plagiarising the works of others in producing its stamps collection for Visit Malaysia Year 2014.

Looks like it is not only Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak who has embarrassed the nation with his bag of lies spewed a week ago at an interview with CNN’s chief international correspondent journalist Christiane Amanpour.

Now it is Pos Malaysia who has shamed the country by stealing the works of foreign photographers for use in its stamp series.

The very day Najib was busy spinning a yarn at the CNN interview, a 48-year-old Filipino wildlife photographer accused Pos Malaysia of snitching his bird photo and using it in Pos Malaysia’s stamp collection for Visit Malaysia Year 2014 (VMY).

Pos Malaysia a habitual thief?

It is not only Romy who has cried foul over Pos Malaysia turning ‘pencuri’ or thief. Apparently, Singapore-based American photographer Con Foley had also confirmed that one of his photographs was featured in the upcoming stamp collection.

Foley claimed that he was neither contacted nor credited and that he was considering legal action against the agencies involved.

It seems that the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) branch in Perak had also pointed out that there could be five more images by wildlife photographers being used without permission.

It seems Pos Malaysia commissioned World Communications Network Resources Sdn Bhd to work on the collection with Tourism Malaysia.

This latest accusation of intellectual property theft has yet again put the spotlight on Pos Malaysia and once again for the wrong reasons.

Jeswan Kaur is a freelance writer and a FMT columnist


World Communications Network Resources was set up in 1994 and provides integrated corporate marketing communication services.

The company is registered with the Finance Ministry, Institute of Public Relations Malaysia, Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies (4As), Malaysian Association of Creativity and Innovation and FINAS.”


Stamps with ‘stolen’ images only a draft, says design firm

The stamp collection that potentially could land Pos Malaysia, Tourism Malaysia and a design firm in hot water is only a draft version. Yes, you read that right.

Yahoo Malaysia received a statement late Monday night from Media Eye Sdn Bhd confirming that the stamps for the ‘Visit Malaysia Year 2014′ campaign designed by them were submitted as drafts to the two government agencies.

Yahoo Malaysia were told that the collection was still subject to changes before final approval.

“As is the usual practice, all official stamps that will be released are subjected to the final approval of the relevant parties, and relevant approvals for their use will be obtained accordingly by World Communications Network Resources (M) Sdn Bhd as the agency commissioned to undertake this project,” according to the release.

Media Eye is the design house under World Communications Network Resources.

The company is being linked to the stamp controversy where images from wildlife photographers were allegedly being used without permission.

Stamps with ‘stolen’ images only a draft, says design firm


Foreign pixman claims Pos Malaysia stole his photo

Are both of these pictures that of the same bird?


A Manila-based photographer certainly seems to think so. He’s accusing Pos Malaysia of “stealing” one of his photos and using it on a Malaysian postage stamp.

Romy Ocon says he is now seeking legal advice against Pos Malaysia after discovering one of his prized photos could have been used without his permission as part of the latest Visit Malaysia Year 2014 stamp collection.

When Yahoo Malaysia clicked on the link supposedly connecting to the Pos Malaysia Facebook page, it was told “this content is currently unavailable”.

Romy’s complaint was also posted on a Fred Miranda forum, another online discussion board for photography.

Foreign pixman claims Pos Malaysia stole his photo

My photo was stolen and used in a Malaysian stamp?

Thanks to a concerned stamp collector from the UK who emailed me the information. It seems somebody had stolen one of my photos of a Long-tailed Shrike (Lanius schach), then used it erroneously as a photo of a White-fronted Falconet in a stamp issued by Malaysia!

Here’s a link to my photo as appearing in my website, and a version is embedded here:

View: original size

Posted below is a poster of the Malaysian stamp as posted at Facebook as well as comparison crops from the poster and my photo.

View: original size

View: original size

Whoever did this has committed two grave wrongs:

1. Stealing my photo and using it without permission; and
2. Serious ignorance, as the White-fronted Falconet looks very different from a Long-tailed Shrike.

I’m sure the Malaysian Government wouldn’t knowingly sanction this despicable act (which should be very embarrassing to them), and I hope they will investigate who did this and rectify the error.

Romy Ocon
Wild Bird Photographer
Manila, Philippines, October 30, 2013

My photo was stolen and used in a Malaysian stamp?: Open Talk


msn news

Thu, 31 Oct 2013 09:45:00 GMT | By Liyana Amirah, News Editor

Stolen photo used in a Malaysian stamp?

Filipino wild bird photographer, Romy Ocon hopes Malaysian government would probe into the matter of alleged stolen photo of his being used in Malaysian stamp.

bird photo

(L to R): Malaysian stamp, Romy Ocon’s original photo

A Filipino wild bird photographer, Romy Ocon is alleging someone has stolen one of his photos of a Long-tail Shrike (Lanius schach) and printed it on a Malaysian stamp.


The Long-tailed Shrike or Rufous-backed Shrike (Lanius schach)



The White-fronted Falconet




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