Singapore Govt to Anonymous: We’re going to get you!



The Real Singapore



Personal data of some 4,000 individuals who participated in Singapore Art Museum (SAM) events were heisted from their outsourced website and posted on a New Zealand based storage website on November 5. The news about the data file was disclosed only yesterday, 20 November.

SAM claims it was alerted of the theft by the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) on the same day, Nov 5. Earlier on Nov 4, IDA had stumbled across a tweet by a “CtrlSalad”, boasting of the possession of “3.6k email, numbers, names and IP addresses including the Government’s”, and sat on it for one full day. SAM’s official excuse for its own tardiness in reporting the cybercrime was that they were “estabilishing the extent of the incident”. In most probability they were in panic mode, trying to classify it as “technical glitch”, “compromise”, or “intrusion”. Hack was the last word on their minds, and for good reason. A media lawyer at Pinsent Masons said affected individuals may be able to sue on grounds of negligence, with the liability falling on the party controlling access to the data.


The 35-year-old, who was arrested in Kuala Lumpur on Nov 4, is currently remanded at the Institute of Mental Health for psychiatric evaluation but the case against him will be heard again on Nov 26.


Friday November 15, 2013 MYT 2:56:18 PM

“The Messiah” wants trial over hacking of Singapore govt websites

The accused tries to hide his face in a police van

The accused tries to hide his face in a police van

PETALING JAYA: The Singaporean man accused of hacking into a Singapore government website before he was arrested in Malaysia wants a  trial, says his lawyer in court Friday.

This was mentioned in the Singapore High Court on Friday by M. Ravi, counsel for James Raj Ariokasamy, who is accused of attacking a Singaporean government website in October under the pseudonym “The Messiah.”

The Straits Times had reported that Ravi had been allowed to have a short meeting with James Raj after permission was granted by Justice  Choo Han Teck.

James Raj is said to have signed off as “The Messiah” after he allegedly hacked into the Ang Mo Kio Town Council’s website on Oct 28, court documents filed by the prosecution on Tuesday showed.

Apart from the Misuse of Computer and Cybersecurity Act, the runaway drug offender – who had been in hiding since 2011 – also faces three charges for drug consumption.

“The Messiah” wants trial over hacking of Singapore govt websites


Singapore questions suspects in hacking of PM, president websites

Five local men are being questioned for allegedly hacking the websites of Singapore’s president and prime minister, police said Tuesday, amid a rash of cyber attacks in the city-state.

Police said in a statement the alleged hackers had “exploited a vulnerability” in both websites last week.

A “subpage” of the website of the Istana, the official residence of President Tony Tan, was hacked and displayed a crude image early last Friday, an hour after Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s website displayed mocking messages from international activist hackers’ group Anonymous.

Police said the five suspects are local men aged between 17 and 45.

Another Singaporean, 35-year-old James Raj, was charged in court earlier Tuesday with hacking a local council’s website and posting an image of a Guy Fawkes mask, the international symbol of Anonymous.


15 Singaporeans ‘assisting’ police over ‘Million Mask March’ assembly

Fifteen Singaporean “protesters”, between 16 and 27 years old, “are currently assisting” in investigations into possible offences of organising and/or taking part in a public assembly without permit, police said.

In a statement Tuesday evening, police said that a group of 12 men had gathered at the vicinity of City Hall MRT station on 5 November this year dressed in red or black. Three of them wore Guy Fawkes masks and a total fo 14 masks were found in their possession.

Also on the same day, at about 10:15pm, two other men and a woman were seen with masks along Orchard Road.

“These 15 subjects had responded to online postings calling for 24-hour protests globally in support of a movement called the “Million Mask March” to commemorate Guy Fawkes Day on 5 November 2013,” police said.

This was “despite a Police advisory reminding the public that organising or participating in a public assembly without a Police permit is illegal and may constitute an offence under the Public Order Act,” they added.–assisting–police-over–million-mask-march–assembly-125952286.html



James Raj, 35, charged for hacking Ang Mo Kio town council website, denied access to counsel

JAMES RAJ is accused of defacing a portion of the Ang Mo Kio town council website by adding the image of the Guy Fawkes Mask, displaying a statement addressed to Member of Parliament Ang Hin Kee and signing off with the name “The Messiah”.

The Straits Times reported that Raj, whom police believe had acted in isolation, was also charged for hacking The Straits Times blogs, the PCF website and Sun Ho’s website.

(UPDATED 5:45pm 12 November 2013. Added details about court hearing on Tuesday afternoon)

A Singaporean man charged on Tuesday with hacking the Ang Mo Kio town council website in October was ordered remanded to the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) for psychiatric evaluation for up to two weeks.

James Raj , 35, was charged under the Computer Misuse and Cybersecurity Act.

He is accused of defacing a portion of the Ang Mo Kio town council website by adding the image of the Guy Fawkes Mask, displaying a statement addressed to Member of Parliament Ang Hin Kee and signing off with the name “The Messiah”.

In various hacking incidents recently, the person behind them had signed off as “The Messiah” — in reality, the various hacks could possibly be the work of different individuals.

Prosecutors requested in court on Tuesday afternoon for Raj to be remanded to IMH on the basis of the accused’s statement to the investigative officer that he has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Raj objected and claimed that when he was arrested by police in Kuala Lumpur on 4 November he had been assaulted and suffered a concussion.

District Judge Kessler Soh, however, ruled in favour of the prosecution’s application to have Raj remanded.

While undergoing the psychiatric evaluation, Raj will not be given access to third parties outside of IMH.–35–charged-for-hacking-ang-mo-kio-town-council-website-034350228.html


Shadowy hackers who have long targeted the West are turning their sights on Asia’s fast-growing economies.

“As countries become wealthier, they have more assets and therefore are more likely to become targets,” said Nina Laven, director for economics and country risk at consultancy group IHS.

“We will likely see the region attracting more attacks,” she told AFP.

Malaysian Insider

Hackers expose Asia’s weak cyber defences

November 09, 2013

A rash of website hackings in the Asia-Pacific has exposed weak cyber defences which must be improved to help the region deal with more sophisticated and sinister threats, particularly from criminal organisations, analysts said.

Cloud computing, the proliferation of mobile devices and the increasing use of social media have allowed an escalating volume of data to flow through multiple channels, giving hackers a wider field to ply their trade, analysts said.

They warned that Anonymous, which carries out attacks to highlight issues such as Internet freedom and corruption, is just one of the groups involved, and others with a more sinister agenda could inflict serious damage.

“The more sophisticated group that government and business should fear are the cyber-criminal organisations who have much greater resources at their disposal,” said Tan Shong Ye, information technology risk and cyber security leader at global business consultancy PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

Their targets could be valuable intellectual property and critical infrastructure, including military and state secrets, Tan told AFP.

Anonymous answers the Singapore Prime Minister!

The websites of Singapore’s president and prime minister were hacked.

A “subpage” of the website of the Istana, the official residence of President Tony Tan, was “compromised” early Friday, telecommunication officials said without giving details.

The hacking happened about an hour after Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s website displayed mocking messages and pictures from Anonymous.

The hackers posted an image of a Guy Fawkes mask – the symbol of the Anonymous group – on the PM’s website with the words: “It’s great to be Singaporean today.”

BBC News

‘Anonymous’ hacks Singapore Prime Minister’s website

A photo of the hacked website of Singapore Prime Minister circulated online Singapore’s internet and phone regulator said it was investigating the hack

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s official website has been hacked by people claiming to be members of the hacking group Anonymous.

The attack comes a day after Mr Lee said he would track down the group.

He made the comments after a person claiming to be part of the group posted an online video in which he threatened to hack government websites.

Singapore’s internet and phone regulator said part of the website had been “compromised” late on Thursday.

“The PMO main website is still working, and we are working to restore the page that has been compromised,” the Infocomm Development Authority said in a statement.

Singapore Govt to Anonymous: We’re going to get you!


Govt will spare no effort to bring cyber-attackers to justice: PM Lee

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said authorities will spare no effort to bring culprits who launch cyber-attacks on the country to justice.

…he said authorities will diligently track down culprits, even if attacks come from cyberspace, such as hackers who think they can hide behind the internet’s veil of anonymity.

Mr Lee said: “It is not a laughing matter. It’s not just anything goes, and you’re anonymous, therefore there’s no responsibility. You may think you are anonymous. We will make that extra effort to find out who you are.”

Mr Lee acknowledged that no cyber security precautions are perfect — but what is important is to harden systems to lessen vulnerability, and that is what Singapore’s doing.

– CNA/ac

Govt will spare no effort to bring cyber-attackers to justice: PM Lee

READ ABOUT THE ENCOUNTER BETWEEN Ah Boys To Men actor and Anonymous


Photos: Ah Boys To Men actor’s social media accounts defaced for ‘dissing the legion’

The Twitter profile’s description was also altered to: “So sorry Ridhwan. Finally you got ALL the attention that you’ve wanted – Youtube? h4xed Instagram? h4xed Facebook? h4xed Twitter? h4xed Emails? h4xed’.


A video was also uploaded through ​Ridhwan’s YouTube channel as a warning. The caption said: ‘​Claiming that we are a joke, in all attempts to trend such is now nothing but inactive accounts. What you thought was a joke is now real.’

The group also claimed that they will ‘certainly retaliate’ should anyone intend to cause them harm.

Ridhwan Azman later posted through a second Twitter account @RidhwanAzman_ confirming that his social media accounts had been hacked.

Tweeting that ‘he deserved this’, he also wrote: ‘I thought #AnonymousSG was not real, now I know it’s real. I learnt my mistakes, so now I hope I could get back my accounts, because I need them.’


Hacker ‘The Messiah’ claims attack on Singapore govt sites, repeats ‘Anonymous’ cyber threat

A reply from an email address left by alleged hacker “The Messiah” claimed that members of the activist internet group Anonymous worked together Saturday to temporarily take down websites of the Singapore government.About 19 government sites suffered an outage that day, but the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) said on Monday that a routing problem and hardware failure were the causes of the disruption.It reportedly insisted that “at no point were these websites the target of cyber attacks”.In an email to Yahoo Singapore, “The Messiah” said “… we reached out to our comrades from other fractions who together with us performed DNS poisoning on the sites, taking them down for a period of time. But there must have also been some patching that was done as some of our favourite point of entries into their networks seemed to be fixed.”
Yahoo Singapore could not confirm the veracity of the claims in the email reply or the person’s identity but the statements received on Sunday night were credited to “The Messiah” or “T. M.” and were in response to queries sent to the email address put up on a blog of The Straits Times after it was hacked Friday.


Asiaone Forum

Dear Anonymous

by Bertha Henson
I don’t know who you are but I know what you are – a troublemaker with not very powderful England. (My students beg to differ. They think your England is a cut above most online Hokkien vulgarity laden diatribes. But they still think you’re a clown.)
If you presume to speak for the rest of us, please go blow yourself up. You’ve done all of us a great disservice by making us look as bad the G has always made us out to be. You wear a mask. You can’t even be bothered to give yourself a false name. You talk funny. Your vocabulary is limited to that of the rabid protestor – full of repression, oppression and suppression.

Click on the link for the whole letter: Dear Anonymous (the ‘hacker’)


Seletar Airport website hacked

The website of Seletar Airport has become the latest to be hit by hackers – the second in three days.

SINGAPORE: The website of Seletar Airport has become the latest to be hit by hackers – the second in three days.

At around 12.30pm on Sunday, the site showed a black and green background with an image in the middle resembling a skull wearing a hood.

It was back running less than 30 minutes later.

The Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) and Changi Airport Group, which manages Seletar Airport, could not respond to queries at press time.

Seletar Airport website hacked

Singapore News Alternative

IDA claims all 16 government websites were taken down simultaneously today for “planned maintenance”, not hacked, 2 Nov 2013

More than a dozen Singapore government have been unaccessible as of 3pm today. It was initially unclear why these sites have been taken down, but the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) tweeted at 4.19pm that ”government websites are under planned maintenance and will be back ASAP.”

However, there appeared to be no indication that Singaporeans were informed about any scheduled server maintenance beforehand, which is the usual practice. It’s also unclear why the “maintenance” is held in the afternoon as opposed to off-peak hours like the middle of the night.   Full story


Over the past few hours, most key government websites have been ‘down’ and users were unable to access them as of 3pm.

It is unknown who is behind the attacks but it is suspected that this is the work of the Anonymous Collective following earlier threats made in a “declaration of war” video.

Here is a list of government websites which have been reported as down so far:

  • GOV.SG

There are others which have also been affected and some which have intermittent access only.

Snapshot: Singapore Government Agencies Can Handle Any Intrusion By Anonymous – IT Manager Alex Nian

Hardwarezone Forum, 2 Nov 2013

Snapshot: 86 percent of Stomp readers feel “shiok” that Straits Times blog was hacked by Anonymous


Hacker strikes fear among “good” citizens –




Read the full “War Declaration Letter” here:


Never trust the media. Even Singapore‘s. Tryna put words in The Anonymous Aye?




Singapore newspaper Straits Times hacked by ‘The Messiah’ from Anonymous collective

The Messiah defaced an article written by reporter Irene Tham, replacing it with a lengthy note saying that she had misrepresented Anonymous’ message while reporting on the YouTube video. It reads:

She chose to conveniently modify the sentence “war against the Singapore Government” into “war against Singapore”. That in our opinion can be very misleading and unfortunately we suspect that must have been her intentions. Look what she made us do.

The hacker then demanded that she apologize within 48 hours for her “blasphemous lies”, failing which he expects a resignation.

“In the event our demands are not met…we will place you in our ‘to do’ list and next time you wont be let off this easy,” he threatens. While the defacement is still viewable as a cached page, the original article by Tham has been taken down.

Curiously, the hacker left behind an “encrypted message” before signing off:

22 66 5e 7b a8 68 c9 0d f3 f0 47 c9 d2 e5 4a 33 02 be 20 f4 15 29 5e 7b 76 12 8d 5f 1f dd 59 44

An expert, who has declined to reveal his identity, said that the binary is likely a signature: “This is a common practice. It is a 256-bit digest of a message that is likely to contain his identity. If one day he wishes to claim credit, he can release the message, a plaintext that only he will know and no one can doubt him.”

For more, click on


‘Anonymous’ hacks Straits Times website

Yahoo Newsroom

(UPDATED 9am, 1 November: Straits Times website hacked)

The Straits Times website was allegedly hacked into in the early hours of Friday, by the same person or group responsible for recently posting a YouTube video threatening Singapore’s government.

Anonymous, an international hacker group, said in a note it posted on the hacked website that it felt a Straits Times report had misled readers.

A blog from The Straits Times, Singapore’s most read newspaper, has been cracked this morning by The Messiah, an individual (or group of individuals) who claims to be from the Anonymous collective.

Police investigating that anonymous video –

‘Anonymous’ threatens Singapore government in YouTube video

A screengrab from the video, purportedly uploaded by "Anonymous", features a masked person speaking in a scrambled voice, warning of an imminent attack on the government. (Screengrab from video)

Yahoo Newsroom – A screengrab from the video, purportedly uploaded by “Anonymous”, features a masked person speaking in a scrambled voice, warning of an imminent attack on the government. (Screengrab)

(UPDATED 8:16pm 31 October 2013. IDA’s response added)

In a shockingly daring move, someone claiming to be part of the international hacker group Anonymous is threatening to disrupt key infrastructure in Singapore to protest against the government’s new online media licensing rules.

In the 3-minute and 40-second YouTube video posted on 29 October, the group — using an image of a person wearing a Guy Fawkes mask — cautions the government not to underestimate them, saying their actions will be like “dipping yourselves in a pool of piranhas”.

In response Thursday evening, a spokesperson from the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore said, “We are aware of the video, and the police are investigating into the matter.”

In an encrypted voice, the person on the video made reference to “one of (the group’s) comrades”, “The Messiah”, who recently broke into the Ang Mo Kio Town Council website, the PAP Community Foundation website as well as Sun Ho’s official website on three separate instances.

In the video, which was removed by its uploader by about 5:15pm, Anonymous also urged Singaporeans to join its protest by dressing in black and red on 5 November. Additionally, they asked Singaporeans to black out their Facebook profile pictures for the day.

Anonymous‘ threatens Singapore government in YouTube video


Straits Times distorts Anonymous’ message, tempting fate

Posted on 31 October 2013

ST changes original message of “attacking Singapore government” to “attacking Singapore”.


The Straits Times has distorted the original message by Anonymous, the hacker collective.

In the original YouTube video, Anonymous specifically addressed their threat to the Singapore government.


These are their exact words:

“So mark our words when we say that we Anonymous stand firm on our belief that no Government has the right to deprive their citizens the freedom of information.”

“We demand you reconsider the regulations of your framework or we will be forced to go to war with you. For every single time you deprive a citizen his right to information, we will cost you financial loss by aggressive cyber intrusion. An intrusion your $130 million cyber security will not be able to stop.”

“You may be ambitious enough to try and stop us but remember, the people you are after are the people you depend on:

We cook your meals, we haul your trash, we teach your children, we pay your high salaries, we feed your families, we guard you while you sleep!”


However, in the ST report that came out after the Anonymous video went viral, the headline was distorted to be “YouTube video by “Anonymous” hacker group threatens to attack Singapore”.

Attacking Singapore government and attacking Singapore are very different things.

ST is tempting fate.

Straits Times distorts Anonymous‘ message, tempting fate | New

naked security

Anonymous threatens Singapore with hacking attacks, calls for November 5 protest… perhaps

Filed Under: Denial of Service, Featured, Phishing

An anonymous person, claiming to be Anonymous, recently fired off a hacking threat against Singapore’s financial systems.

The threat was detailed in a video posted on YouTube, apparently under a real user’s name, and came with a full transcript – a wordy one, if the truth be told – detailing what was planned and why it should be taken seriously.

The video has now been removed, as you’d probably expect if a compromised account had been used:

As I didn’t save the transcript when it was available (the internet has a Murphy’s Law way of retaining things you would rather remove, and vice versa, doesn’t it just?), I shall have to go from memory here:

Anonymous here ... Warning to Singapore about censoring the internet ... Stop it or we'll attack your financial systems to pay you back ... You think you'll keep us out? Ha! ... Also, wear clothes in [redacted] colours on the Fifth of November to show solidarity, and change your Facebook profile picture to a giraffe! [*] ... We never forget, and the rest of our motto.

And there’s often some sort of action proposed under the Anonymous banner for 05 November.

Anonymous uses an image of Guy Fawkes on its mask logo. Fawkes was caught underneath the parliament buildings in England, along with a huge stash of gunpowder with which he and his co-conspirators apparently planned to blow the government to smithereens, back on 05 November 1605.

That’s the connection. (“Remember, remember, the Fifth of November. Gunpowder, treason and plot!”)

Read more in  Anonymous threatens Singapore with hacking attacks, calls for


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