Holy Cow! They slaughter them in school, too!





Deputy Education Minister II P Kamalanathan also got ‘slaughtered’ by Perkasa!

In a gesture that became a talking point during the April 2010 by-election for the Hulu Selangor parliamentary seat, BN candidate Kamalanathan publicly kissed the hand of Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin when the latter announced him as the BN choice.

Korban in schools – ministers contradict each other


Second Education Minister Idris Jusoh: The ministry will not prohibit the religious slaughtering of cattle or other animals in schools for korban (ritual sacrifice) but the school should take into consideration the sensitivity of the other races.

Deputy Education Minister II P Kamalanathan: The religious sacrifice of cattle is not allowed. “Actually that act is not permitted. We have already investigated the matter. The problem arose because the district education department was not informed,” the deputy minister was quoted as saying.


Korban in schools – ministers contradict each other


DAP chides Kamala on his subaltern status

DAP national vice chairperson M Kulasegaran today reminded Deputy Education Minister II P Kamalanathan that his “bowing and scraping before Umno could only take him to the status of a subaltern and nothing more.”

The Ipoh Barat MP was commenting on the threatening remarks posted by Perkasa Youth chief Irwan Fahmi Ideris in the latter’s blog that warned Kamalanathan about an alleged affront to Muslim sensitivities leveled by the deputy minister over the issue of ritual slaughter of cows in schools.

Kamalanathan had said that the practice is not permitted by the Education Ministry…

Kamalanathan was roundly rebuked over these remarks by Irwan who saw them as disrespectful of Islam.

rwan reminded Kamalanathan of his dependence on Malay votes in latter’s Malay voter-dominant parliamentary seat and that if he did not retract his remarks he would risk defeat at the next general election.

Hand kisser

DAP leader Kulasegaran said that Irwan’s threats were “a lesson to Kamalanathan that kissing the hand of his patrons was no guarantee that subservience would equate to self-respect.”

In a gesture that became a talking point during the April 2010 by-election for the Hulu Selangor parliamentary seat, BN candidate Kamalanathan publicly kissed the hand of Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin when the latter announced him as the BN choice.

In the eyes of detractors, the gesture smacked of abject subservience but an unabashed Kamalanathan was seen to thrive on his public aura of obeisance to the Malay right wing coupled with an industrious personal work ethic.

DAP chides Kamala on his subaltern status

Deputy Education Minister II P Kamalanathan just got ‘slaughtered’ by Perkasa!


Perkasa skins Kamalanathan over cow slaughter
12:42PM Oct 26, 2013

Deputy Education Minister II P Kamalanathan’s statement that the Education Ministry has never allowed the slaughter of cows in schools has insulted Islam, said Perkasa yesterday.

“The parliamentarian P Kamalanathan’s statement that the korban ceremony cannot be carried out in schools is an act that insults the Malays and all Muslims,” the Malay supremacist group’s Youth chief Irwan Fahmi Ideris wrote on his blog.

“We have never questioned your religious ceremonies… you just don’t respect the religion of the majority race,” he said.

The posting ‘Kamalanathan, don’t kurang ajar (step out of line)’ also never acknowledged the MIC leader and Hulu Selangor MP as a deputy minister.

He was responding to the Kamalanathan’s clarification on Thursday that the slaughter of cows at SK Puchong Jaya in Selangor during Aidiladha last week was never allowed by the ministry.


“We urge this MP to stop commenting on Islam. Don’t be ‘kacang lupakan kulit’ (ungrateful to your masters).

“Have some respect,” said Irwan (above).

Perkasa skins Kamalanathan over cow slaughter


Kamalanathan, please nip the problem in the bud
10:32AM Oct 26, 2013

YOURSAY ‘What do you mean by ‘we will advise from time to time’? You mean let this continue and play a drama in the press every year?’



Kamalanathan: Korban in schools not permitted

The religious sacrifice of cattle, known as korban, cannot be carried out in schools and the incident in Puchong was an oversight, says Deputy Education Minister II P Kamalanathan.

“Actually that act (korban in schools) is not permitted. We have already investigated the matter. Usually it is not permitted, but the problem arose because the district education department (PPD) was not informed,” Kamalanathan told a press conference today.


“If they had informed the district education office, they would have been advised to carry out the ceremony at a nearby surau,” Kamalanathan said.

Kamalanathan: Korban in schools not permitted


Principal defends cow slaughter in school

The principal of SK Puchong Jaya in Selangor has defended a cow slaughtering ritual held in the school grounds in conjunction with Aidiladha last week.

An audio-recording of Mohd Amin Bahari’s explanation to a man introducing himself as ‘Saravanan’ has gone viral since being uploaded on Youtube five days ago.

Saravanan had demanded to know why cows were being slaughtered in the school compound, to which Mohd Amin said there are no circulars preventing such practices.

“In Islam, slaughter during Hari Raya Korban should be promoted among Muslims particularly to students. It is encouraged so that young people will know it is asked of Islam,” he said in the 8:06-minute recording uploaded by one ‘zeeraf87′.

However, Mohd Amin said there was no intention to offend Hindus who view cows as a sacred creature.

“It was not (done) to insult other religions. There was no such intention. We told Indian teachers and students, as well as (other) non-Muslims, to be separated (from the slaughter ritual) and we did not allow them to (watch it),” he said.

Mohd Amin added that he consults all the teachers including non-Muslims when it comes to any school activity.

When contacted today, Mohd Amin confirmed that it was his voice on the recording but declined to comment, citing a gag order issued by the Selangor Education Department.

Principal defends cow slaughter in school

Malaysia Chronicle

Tuesday, 22 October 2013 13:15

COWS ARE SACRED TO HINDUS, but Umno’s Perkasa wants action against parent who protested slaughter

Perkasa has urged the government to censure an overseas caller for insulting Islam in a heated conversation with a local school headmaster over the slaughter of cows in schools.

The conversation was subsequently posted on YouTube and has gone viral.

According to a Sinar Harian report, Perkasa Johor has made a police report against the man, identified only as “Saravanan”, who aggressively challenged the headmaster over the phone, even as the headmaster defended the right of national schools to educate their Muslim students about the cow sacrifice ritual, an annual Islamic practice.

In the eight-minute conversation, Saravanan is heard asking repeatedly about government rules, and challenging the headmaster to explain: “Why can’t the Chinese also slaughter pigs at the school during festivals?”

Perkasa Johor division vice-chairperson Mohd Ghauth Moh Yusoff is quoted as saying by Sinar Harian after he filed a report at the Johor central police station: “This action is not only unruly but can raise the anger of Muslims.”

This is the video:

Conversation with HM

Malaysian Insider

Muslim MPs, education groups say animal slaughter in school compound is wrong

October 22, 2013

Muslim MPs from PAS and PKR as well as educational organisations have spoken out against the practice of carrying out ritual slaughter in schools during the recent Hari Raya Aidiladha celebrations.

PAS Kuala Krai MP Dr Mohd Hatta Ramli said any school should be off limits for the slaughter of animals.

“Be it religious schools, ethnic-based schools or national schools,” said Dr Hatta.

“In the truest nature of observing the holy Qurban, there is no need to openly slaughter animals in the presence of others, especially in an area where people of other faith reside, work or carry out activities,” he added, referring to the Arabic word for sacrificial slaughter.

For more, read:

Muslim MPs, education groups say animal slaughter in school compound is wrong

Conversation with HM


Mr Sara pertikai ibadah Qorban umat Islam di SK Puchong Jaya

Peristiwa yang berlaku apabila tiada rasa hormat dan tidak faham mengenai kaedah agama lain dalam mengerjakan ibadah.
Sengaja mengaitkan prosedur serta urus tadbir pihak kerajaan bagi mencari salah dan menyalahkan ibadah agama lain yang diamalkan.
Ini satu sifat yang tidak elok terutama dalam negara kita yang memiliki pegangan agama dan bangsa yang pelbagai ini.
Malah sudah jelas termaktub dalam PERLEMBAGAAN PERSEKUTUAN iaitu undang-undang dan rujukan tertinggi dalam negara ini bahawa Agama Islam adalah agama Persekutuan dan agama-agama lain boleh diamalkan dengan aman.
Tindakan encik Sara ini yang mempertikaikan pengurusan Sekolah Kebangsaan Puchong Jaya melakukan ibadah korban dengan menyembelih lembu dan menjemput para murid sekolah tersebut adalah suatu perkara yang tidak sepatutnya berlaku seandainya kita masing-masing faham kaedah amalan ibadat agama masing-masing.
Ayuh para warganegara dan penduduk tetap Malaysia, janganlah kita cuba mengapi-apikan perkara sensitif seperti ini kerana ia dapat menghancurkan keamanan dan kekuatan perpaduan negara kita.

Mr Sara pertikai ibadah Qorban umat Islam di SK Puchong Jaya

Mr. Sara doubted Qorban Muslims worship at SK Puchong Jaya

Events that occur when there is no respect and do not understand about the working methods of worship of other religions.
Mistakenly associated procedures and governance of the government to find one and blame the worship of other religions practiced.
This is a trait that is not good, especially in our own religious beliefs and this diverse nation.
Even already clearly stated in the federal constitution and laws of this country’s highest reference that Islam is the official religion and all other religions may be practiced in peace.
Mr Sara’s action disputing the National School management Puchong Jaya do sacrifice an ox worship and invite the school is a matter which should not happen if each of us understand the nature of the practice of their religious worship.
Let the citizens and permanent residents of Malaysia, we are not trying to inflame a sensitive matter like this because it can destroy the peace and unity of our nation’s strength.

Malaysia Chronicle

Friday, 18 October 2013 13:11

MORE RELIGIOUS INSENSITIVITY: Muhyiddin must explain why he allowed cows to be slaughtered in schools

Written by Gobind Singh Deo

The Education Ministry should explain why it is cows were allowed to be slaughtered in schools in the presence of students, both muslims and non-muslims two days ago.

While we respect the religious customs and beliefs of all people, there must be some level of understanding that some practices such as slaughtering cows are offensive to certain religions and as such should not be allowed to be carried out in public places such as schools.

I have received many complaints from distressed residents in Puchong who have complained that cows were slaughtered in school compounds before students, both Muslims and non-Muslims.

This is totally insensitive to the Indian community especially. Why is there a need for this to be done in a national school during school hours? Is this part of the syllabus, part of the activities which is today celebrated in our National schools?

I call upon the Education Minister to put a stop to this. A school is most certainly not a place where such activities should be allowed to take place, more so during school hours and in the presence of students.

MP Puchong

Free Malaysia Today

Slaughtering animals in schools unconstitutional

October 17, 2013

FMT LETTER: From Saravanan, via e-mail

Sekolah Kebangsaans are national schools with multi-racial children. We should respect all races and religions if we wish to take Malaysia forward. From the day of independence until a few years it was like that but recently respect for other races and religious sentiments are degrading.

When the non-Muslim school teachers, staff and children respect the Muslims, we expect the same be accorded to non-Muslims. In yesterday’s case I found out that many schools slaughtered cows in the school compound. There are rules for things that can be done in the school and things which cannot be done.

Every school activity should be aligned with the education system and the co-curriculum aspects, but slaughtering cows in the school compounds is not part of the system or related to education. I would like to urge parliamentarians to debate this. It is a serious issue which doesn’t align with education. The Ministry of Education needs to take stern action against schools which slaughter cows.

I called Sekolah Kebangsaan Puchong Jaya to ask for an explanation about the incident. The headmaster of the school didn’t have any black and white approval from Education Ministry. The relevant ministry and district council should take action on this matter. It is not proper to engage in double standard in a multi-racial country. If the education ministry would allow slaughtering of cows, I think we should allow pig slaughter and prayers for Chinese and Indians.



Parents fume over cow slaughter in school

A primary school in Kuala Lumpur slaughtered a number of cows in its compound yesterday during school hours, prompting complaints of insensitivity by non-Muslim parents.

One parent, S Dineswary told Malaysiakini that according to her daughter, an adult cow and a calf were ceremonially slaughtered in the morning for a feast later that day in conjunction with Aidiladha celebrations.

She said non-Muslim students were asked to avoid the area whereas Muslim students were invited, but she believed some non-Muslim students might have inadvertently witnessed the slaughtering.

“It is not supposed to (happen) because this is a national school, not a religious school. That is why we were shocked, there are Hindus and Chinese (students) there.

“It is not only about religious issues, but also because there are children around. Some may be distressed by the slaughter,” she said when contacted.

She added that she was taken aback by the cow sacrifice because Aidiladha was several days ago and there had been no prior notice.

Parents fume over cow slaughter in school


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2 Responses to Holy Cow! They slaughter them in school, too!

  1. lin says:

    Islam sudah termaktub dalam perlembagaan Malaysia. Membuat aktiviti berkaitan keagamaa Islam adalah jelas tidak ada kesalahan di mana-mana premis kepunyaan kerajaan Malaysia. Agama lain cuma bebas ditempat ibadat dn private place masing-masing. Bagaimna boleh jd rakyat Malaysia jika tidak mengakui Perlembagaan Malaysia. Jika berkaitan dgn perasaan takut atau tertekan dgn sembelihan ini, guru besar sdh ambil tindakan yg wajar dgn membenarkan guru dn pelajar Islam shj menyaksikannya. Iniadalah perlu diberi pendedahan kerana matapelajaran agama Islam adalah salah satu matapelajaran di sekolah rendah. Oleh itu, tidak salah ia dipraktikkan di sekolah. Cuma saya nak tegur en saravanan yg menegur dgn cara yg tidak sopan terhadap guru besar apatah lagi menggunakan perkataan “kamu” itu sbg satu bahasa yg biadap. Tolong belajar bahasa malaysia dgn betul sebelum kamu menegur seseorang. Cara kamu ini akan memecah belahkan rakyat dan menghuru harakan negara. Sekian.

  2. rish says:

    Even if need to do the rituals, not suppose in school, their childrens n y makin d education ground to b bloody ground for blady unacceptable reasons. No respect n moral values..if saravansn needs to go dehli..how bout jawa indonesia or jakarta ppl left too? Wow..guess some ppl r lack of general knowledge..go bec n learn d earlier history n not the ammendeg ones.. maybe ones great grandfather’s could giv true facts. Its really waste of time.. rather deal with profesionals.. greedy enuf to steal whts not urs.. remodified d real facts..manipulate. .tis is wht u ppl know. The wil come soon for u to regret. . I wish by end of tis yr 1 disaster wil make u realize..jez 1

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