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When you go to the polls on Sunday (May 5), make sure your ballots are not smeared by the indelible ink on your finger.

The Election Commission claims that the ink would dry within five seconds. We cannot verify that and so please be careful or your stained ballots would be wasted


She was accused of being biased towards Pakatan Rakyat. No, she is not. It’s just that Barisan Nasional would not invite her.

When MCA finally invited her, so she went!

Bersih’s Ambiga turns up at MCA event

For the first time today, Bersih co-chairperson S Ambiga attended a function organised by the ruling BN coalition BN, with MCA Cheras parliamentary candidate Teoh Chee Hooi.

azlanSpeaking to a 50-strong crowd at the Cheras MCA service centre this afternoon, Ambiga stressed on the eight demands of Bersih during her entire speech, and also criticised MCA-controlled English daily The Star.

She said that The Star has been playing up on political violence on its front page and that this was equivalent to creating fear among the citizens.

“It shouldn’t do that. The press has to be more responsible… The Star can change its policy from now and do the right thing,” she said in response to a question from the audience.

Last Saturday, The Star published a report titled ‘Surge in political violence’, in which instances of political violence that took place between the BN and Pakatan parties were also compiled.

Pointing out that the press does have a great influence, Ambiga urged The Star and the other mainstream media to stand with the people and report the truth during the election.

“To be fair, it is not the reporters’ problem. I think they do stand up. If 20 of you say, ‘Sorry, we are not going to allow our reports to be abused in this way,’ then maybe something will change.”

She also urged the National Union of Journalists to stand up and defend the interests of journalists.

“We must draw the line when there is a misrepresentation. We must draw the line when the report turns out to be a lie.”

Ambiga also said that she had stopped buying The Star for a long time, except for the weekends, “as I couldn’t get The Malay Mail then”, to which the crowd broke out in laughter.

Bersih’s Ambiga turns up at MCA event – Malaysiakini


Free Malaysia Today

Ambiga: I wish it happened sooner

RK Anand | May 2, 2013

For the first time, the Bersih chairperson has been invited to speak at a BN forum. And she is more than willing to do so.

PETALING JAYA: Dubbed the Iron Lady of Malaysia, S Ambiga draws the crowd whenever she takes to the stage.

But critics have cast aspersion on the Bersih co-chairperson’s non-partisan stand due to her gracing Pakatan Rakyat events and ceramah.

In her defence, the former Bar Council president pointed out that Barisan Nasional does not invite her nor do its leaders accept Bersih’s invitations.

She has also stressed that her speeches are centred around voter education.

But this afternoon, Ambiga will be speaking at a forum organised by the Cheras MCA division in Taman Midah, Kuala Lumpur.

Speaking to FMT, the Bersih leader said she is pleased with the invitation and had no qualms about accepting it.

“This is the first and only invitation [from the BN side]. I wish it had happened sooner, but I must commend the initiative.





Ambiga: High voter turnout expected for GE13

Ambiga addresses the crowd. SUNPIX

IPOH (May 1, 2013): Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan predicts the highest voter turnout in history at the 13th general election this Sunday.

Speaking to a crowd of over 5,000 people in the Buntong constituency earlier tonight, she said that this time Malaysians are taking an extra effort to come home and vote on May 5.

“Malaysia’s average voter turnout is 75 per cent. I predict this is going to be the highest voter turnout in the history of the elections.”

“There are many Malaysians who are living abroad who will come home on election day to vote. They are spending thousands to come home. Malaysians will come home in droves to vote,” said Ambiga.

She further advised those who have registered to check their voter registration again and those who were registered without their knowledge, to vote anyway.

“To those who did not register but their name is on the electoral roll, please vote. Because we don’t want someone else using your vote.”

“We must all go and vote. Why? This way we will be able to fight any corruption and manipulation in the electoral system. Are you ready to reject corruption? Are you ready to vote?” said Ambiga to rousing cheers from the crowd.

Ambiga: High voter turnout expected for GE13


Thousands attend Pakatan rallies
9:30AM May 1, 2013

9.30pm – Ipoh Barat: Bersih co-chairperson Ambiga Shreenevasan takes to the stage of a DAP ceramah and addresses the 3,000-strong crowd, comprising mostly Chinese and Indians.

She urges all the Malaysians to support Bersih’s Jom 100 campaign to push for 100 percent voter turnout rate on May 5 as one vote is no ordinary vote but can rid the nation of corruption, abuse of power and racism.

“The voter turnout rate last round (in 2008) was 75 percent. I perdict this is going to be the highest voter turnout in the history of the country.

“We will vote peacefully because we are peaceful people. So on May 5, please go early, go peacefully, do not fear, because you are not alone.” she adds, drawing the loud cheer from the crowd.

Meanwhile, 300 metres away, BN’s Buntong candidate C Sivaraj is holding an Indian performance and so far approximately 200 people have turned up to attend.

Thousands attend Pakatan rallies


Memorable words: S. Ambiga, “I predict that GE 13 will have the highest voter turn-out ever!”

600 came to welcome Datuk S. Ambiga on a hot, humid afternoon!


There was a crowd of just over 500 people when she arrived at 2.52pm.  It soon swelled to 600.

I actually counted the number by hand and stopped at 600. There were quite a few others…Also, 6 policemen in uniform.



She was accompanied by two ladies in Bersih tee-shirt…




Ambiga and Little Ambiga

On the left is Saras, the PSM candidate for Buntong. Next is S. Ambiga. On the right is Ms K.S. Bavani, known as ‘Little Ambiga’, the girl made famous by her defiance of ‘Kak Listen’. Remember the ‘Listen! Listen! Listen!’ incident?

‘Little Ambiga’ (KS Bawani) versus SW1M President (‘Kak Listen’)

Here she is, ‘Little Ambiga’.



When she began to speak, in English, Malay and Tamil, the crowd listened attentively.



She spoke of the need to get the Election Commission to demonstrate to the public the use of the indelible ink since there were problems with it…

(See Delible Indelible Ink? Ink that comes off by lunch?)

She spoke of names missing from the electoral roll, and advised us to turn up anyway even if our name was missing when we went on the Internet. It could be on the hard copy at the voting center.


She assured us that we should not be afraid when threatened. Our vote was secret, so there was no need to listen to threats against our job, pension, housing loan and so on…




She asked us to all come out and vote, and at her challenge, “Will you come out to vote?” the answer was a resounding, “Yes!”




Come back here for my report tomorrow…


The final revised travel and speech itinerary of Dato’ Ambiga Sreneevasan for Perak tomorrow (01.05.2013) which is a public holiday (labour day) is as follows:-

11.45 am – Pengkalan Baru,Beruas
2.00 pm – Taman Rishah (near Silibin Roundabout), Ipoh
6.00pm – Kampung Raja , Cameron Highlands
7.30pm – Buntong, Ipoh.
9.00pm – Sungai Siput .

Augustine Anthony



speaking at Dataran Murad, Kg Changkat, Beruas at 11.30am+. Other Speakers Dr.Khairuddin


Free Malaysia Today

Ambiga draws good crowd despite rain

April 30, 2013

More than 2,000 people stood wet in a heavy downpour last night to listen to Bersih’s Ambiga.

SEGAMAT: Heavy rain in Batu Anam here last night did not stop more than 2,000 people from attending a PKR ceramah in which the main attraction was Bersih 2.0 chairperson S Ambiga.

The crowd did not let the rain dampen the ceramah and waited patiently for the former Malaysian Bar Council chairman to arrive from Labis where she also spoke at a ceramah.

Almost 70% of the crowd were Indians, and throughout the evening, they roared and cheered with chants of ‘Ubah’, ‘Lawan Tetap Lawan’ and ‘Ini kalilah’ heard every now and then.


A visibly touched Ambiga, who was “mobbed” by the crowd on her arrival, said: “I am really very touched by your enthusiasm and spirit, standing in the rain. You must all really be ready for change!”

The crowd gave a rousing round of applause.

She told the crowd that they must come out in full force to vote for a clean government administration.

“This is your responsibility once every five years. You must fulfill this responsibility to yourself, your children and to the country.

“Your vote is secret, so vote wisely with your conscience and without fear or favour. When you go to the polls on Sunday (May 5), make sure your ballots are not smeared by the indelible ink on your finger.

“The Election Commission claims that the ink would dry within five seconds. We cannot verify that and so please be careful or your stained ballots would be wasted,” she added.



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