Waiting for Psy’s ‘GENTLEMAN’


PSY’s New Song Titled “Gentleman”


posted by PAK on 2 April, 2013 at 04:06 am

PSY's New Song Titled "Gentleman"

PSY has officially revealed the title of his next single. It will be called “Gentleman“, and PSY announced the title during “News Desk“, a Korean news program.

The single had been previously called “Assarabeeya!“, a Korean slang term used to express excitement. However, the rapper nixed the idea for two reasons. The title could be misinterpreted by Korean listeners, and is difficult for international fans to say. A similar issue came up after his smash hit, “Gangnam Style”, in which people misheard the word “nigga” (Korean for “You”) in his “Champion” music video as a racial slur.

Despite the drawbacks that the singer faces, mainly having to follow up his smash hit “Gangnam Style”, his new song is said to be filled with his signature sound of energy and fun. PSY is set to perform the new song during his “Happening Concert” for the first time on April 13. YouTube will be broadcasting the concert live.



Psy – Psy Announces New Song ‘Gentleman’: But What About The Dance?

02 April 2013

The wait is over for new material from Psy, though will ‘Gentleman’ stand up to scrutiny?

Psy Announces New Song ‘Gentleman’: But What About The Dance?

Psy will perform a new song titled ‘Gentleman’ for the first time at a concert in South Korea on April 13. The Korean pop star became a global celebrity after his ‘Gangnam Style’ video became the most watched clip on YouTube, though the 35-year-old is refusing to rest on his laurels.

Psy | Psy Announces New Song ‘Gentleman‘: But What About The


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