100,000 for BN’s Merdeka Day Rally! 10,000 for Janji Demokrasi…



BN Merdeka Rally at Bukit Jalil versus PR People’s Uprising Rally.

S’gor BN: KL112 participants were ‘party workers’

*Roughly 90,000 were observed attending the government’s Merdeka celebrations at Bukit Jalil Stadium last year, although Bernama cited the turnout as 150,000.

From the hundreds of buses chartered to ferry people to Bukit Jalil to the free LRT tickets to attendees, the government appeared to have spared no expense in ensuring a full turnout at the event.

These include lavish lucky draw prizes ranging from the latest Proton Preve to rather un-Malaysian products such as a Chevrolet Cruze, a Vespa scooter, 50 Huawei tablet computers, 10 fixie bicycles and three Blackberry smartphones.

**Meanwhile yesterday, an estimated 100,000 people traversed the streets of KL from late morning and gathered at the iconic Stadium Merdeka for the rally, led by Pakatan Rakyat and various NGOs.

rally people's uprising bird's eye view

S’gor BN: KL112 participants were ‘party workers’


Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat (People’s Uprising Rally), 12 January 2012


Malaysia Chronicle

Monday, 03 September 2012 13:04

Umno’s failed Merdeka celebrations: Racist to the end, why were non-Malays neglected?

Written by  Nawawi Mohamad, Stan Lee, Malaysia Chronicle

Why were the non-Malays ‘kept out’?

At a glance, one could only see a sea of Malay faces and it was hard to find any non-Malays in the crowd without making an effort to do so. In particular, the celebration at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium was very worrying because of the glaring lack of other ‘colours’ at an event that is meant to highlight everyone’s space and contribution in this nation.

But where were the non-Malays? Sad to say, those who came to the UMNO events were in a pitiful minority.

Can UMNO blame the other races for being cynical and for not wanting to be there or participating in a  “national event” that it is guilty of turning into its own private celebration – an occasion to glorify the United Malays National Organization?

It is also very telling how the other component parties in the BN have been completely sidelined in this year’s Merdeka.


Are the non-Malays not patriotic?

Patriotism comes naturally in every true citizen who loves his or her country, and is perhaps the most meaningful to those who were born there. Same goes for those who care and want to make things right for the future generations.

But the same does not apply to the apple-polishers and the UMNOputeras who dominated the August 31 events. These are the ones with vested interest and their show of “patriotism” may well be just that – a false exhibition.

In our national anthem, we proclaim that Malaysia is “Tanah tumpah darahku” (the land that I spilled my blood for) but if so, why leave out the other creeds, ethnic groups and races?

Why disassociate them from the celebrations? Did they not contribute to this country’s develoment and economy?


The ordinary rakyat (people) from the non-Malay race, creed, and ethnic groups can sense they have been snubbed in the UMNO Merdeka celebrations. Intuitively, they know they would not be truly welcome or be made to feel at home in the UMNO environment.

Hence they flocked to Pakatan Rakyat celebrations in Selangor and Penang, where it was like being in a another world. So stark was the contrast in the informal atmosphere, the friendliness and the tangible camaraderie that the participants, VIPS and above all, the attendees felt for each other.

The sight of Opposition Anwar Ibrahim being greeted by thousands of cheering Malaysians at the Selangor celebration was an eyeopener and indicator not only of his popularity. It also showed the people feel that he is the most appropriate leader to be the next Prime Minister.


We should not be impressed by the UMNO Merdeka stage shows. These were a waste in every sense. With the funds at their disposal, why can’t UMNO leaders come up with better better ideas that truly unite the people. If they had done so, they would have received a standing ovation from the people across the nation and not just from their newspapers Utusan, NST and the Star.



When you are the government and ‘requests’ the attendance of the management and staff of the Civil Service, Army, Police, GLC’s, schools, universities, various corporations, etc., who would refuse you?

UMNO, MCA, MIC, PPP and the other political components will be present with their members.

However, if you think that you won’t get the huge number you want to boost your ego and image, you could always pay others to come.

Of those who attended the Bukit Jalil event, ‘Himpunan Merdeka’, an insider tells me, “at least 50 percent were instructed to attend. We were given RM60 for meal expenses, free travel on the LRT. Those who brought their family got an additional RM50. Free rides on chartered buses were provided.” (Janji Demokrasi – the real Merdeka event).

That is how you get 100,00 or more (if the UMNO, MCA and friendly-party owned mainstream media are to be believed). (See PAYING FOR PATRIOTISM: Come for Merdeka Day celebrations and we’ll pay!)



10,000 attended in yellow in contrast to the 5,000 for BN.

They had come on their own, many from other parts of the country, paying their own way, and faced with the threat of arrest by the Police who had declared Janji Demokrasi ILLEGAL.

Nobody paid them. Nobody had to pay them.



Janji Demokrasi – the real Merdeka event

  • Kee Thuan Chye
  • 8:06AM Sep 2, 2012

COMMENT The occasion could not have been better chosen or timed: The eve of the country’s 55th Merdeka anniversary, two hours before countdown.

The venue could not have been more appropriate: Dataran Merdeka, where the countdown to Merdeka is held every year to commemorate the very first countdown to independence in 1957.


The rakyat even defied the police ban on the gathering. Hours before the event, the police tried to frighten people away by declaring the gathering illegal. But the people didn’t care. Their disregard was a clear sign that the system is falling apart. When the people don’t respect the law enforcers as well as the policy-makers, the end for the latter has to be near.

NONEThese were people who came of their own accord, braving the possibility of arrest. Very different from many of those who would be attending the official Merdeka Day celebrations the next night at the Bukit Jalil Stadium, the extravaganza organised by the government to display its might.

Of those who attended the Bukit Jalil event, ‘Himpunan Merdeka’, an insider tells me, “at least 50 percent were instructed to attend. We were given RM60 for meal expenses, free travel on the LRT. Those who brought their family got an additional RM50. Free rides on chartered buses were provided.”

About 100,000 people reportedly showed up, but there must have been many who were lured by the live performances of famous local artistes, the fireworks display and the lucky draw. The prizes included a Proton Prevé, a Chevrolet Cruze, air tickets to London and Sydney, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.

Striking differences

The comparison of the participants at the Janji Demokrasi gathering and those at Himpunan Merdeka is striking. The former were not promised any incentives. The only incentive for them was expressing their disaffection for the government, sending the ruling party the message that it cannot hijack Merdeka for its own selfish purpose: Merdeka belongs to the people, not to BN.

That they managed to do so, in defiance of the police, on such a significant national occasion must be devastating for the government.


Janji Demokrasi – the real Merdeka event



Najib declares Merdeka rally a huge success
  • Koh Jun Lin
  • 12:55PM Sep 1, 2012

Hailing last night’s ‘Janji Ditepati’ rally at Bukit Jalil Stadium as a success, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak described the crowd as representing the majority, unlike the previous night’s.

Najib (left) was obviously referring to theJanji Demokrasi’ rally at Dataran Merdeka on Aug 30, which saw some 10,000 yellow-clad protestors defy a police ruling that the rally as illegal.

“Tonight, it is the majority of the people who are nation-loving citizens.

“The ones the night before were not the majority, (but) tonight the majority has gathered,” Najib said, adding that the crowd before him was more energetic and inspirational.

He was addressing his welcoming speech at a stadium filled to capacity of just over 87,000.

Outside, at least 5,000 were present at any one given time, either enjoying performances under the shelter of three separate tents, patronising some of the food stalls set up, or watching the celebrations within the stadium projected on several large TV screens.

According to the Information Ministry’s press kit, another 8,500 were also taking part in the performances within the stadium.


Najib declares Merdeka rally a huge success


An estimated 150,000 Malaysians of all races packed every inch of the stadium to rejoice in tonight’s celebrations, which included various patriotic programmes. — Bernama

Rais: N-Day rally attendees are ‘warriors’ of peace



1 August 2012 | last updated at 10:28AM

Crowd exceeds 100,000 at Bukit Jalil National Stadium for 55th Merdeka Gathering

KUALA LUMPUR — The crowd has exceeded 100,000 at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium as of 7.45 pm tonight for the 55th Merdeka Gathering: Promises Fulfilled, in conjunction with the Independence Day celebrations.

Bukit Jalil Merdeka gathering

Thousands are still massed outside to gain access to share in the historic celebration which is being held at night for the first time.

The gathering, which will be attended by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and other leaders would be commenced with the announcement of the ‘Most Tweets In An Hour in Malaysia’ at 8.15 pm by Information Communication and Culture Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim.  — Bernama



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