“Lopsided Justice”


KN Singh – Lopsided Justice

It was not reported in the media but Ms Sam Ke Ting’s car was overturned by the wild boys & badly vandalised by over a hundred boys until it had to be written off & she was robbed & all her money, cards & devices were stolen
“And there is no street light there. Anyhow, it was a favourite spot for these kids to lepak with their modified bicycles before going straight across the traffic light to get to Jalan Abu Bakar towards town. Countless number of times police set up roadblocks there to nab them, but the parents still allow them to go out at night. That is why the Parents should be charged under Section 31(a) of the Child Act, 2001 for negligence”




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1 Response to “Lopsided Justice”

  1. E Lye says:

    Once upon a time a group of children took a shortcut by
    using a railway tunnel to get to their destination. It
    was safe because they memorized the train schedule.

    Unfortunately they did not realize that this day was a
    public holiday and the train timetable was different.

    While I started off with “Once upon a time”, this is
    not a fairy tale or fable but a true story.

    Can anyone find out if the train driver was jailed for
    killing those children?

    If Sam Ke Ting gets jailed for what is obviously a
    misadventure, it will set a dangerous precedent.

    What if ……… what if this happened to the Johor
    Sultan during one of his train forays. Then he will
    face immediate jail time.

    I sometimes need to walk to go places and they way they
    build these elevated highways, you might be surprised
    what is forbidden. Obviously bullock carts and trishaws
    but you will be surprised what else gets forbidden. In
    one case, I cannot remember where, motorcycles are

    In Sam Ke Ting’s case, was that road one of these which
    have a signboard as you enter the highway that forbids
    bicycles? If it does then the boys are in the wrong.

    Please send my observations to her lawyer. I hope this

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