Malaysia: Shortage of subsidised cooking oil



Malay Mail

Deputy minister: Subsidised cooking oil shortage due to higher income groups taking advantage of situation

Friday, 01 Apr 2022 07:08 PM MYT

PASIR MAS, April 1 — The short supply of subsidised packet cooking oil in the market over the past month was because the elite especially the T20 and M40 income groups had been buying them.

Deputy Minister of Domestic, Trade and Consumer Affairs, Datuk Rosol Wahid said the packet of cooking oil was intended for the lower-income (B40) groups.

He added the government needs to fork out a large sum by allocating 60,000 tonnes of packaged oil per month, with the subsidy given per kilogramme (kg) ranging from RM2.50 to over RM3 depending on the current price.

“One kg of subsidised cooking oil packet is sold at a retail price of RM2.50, whereas the current price stands at RM5 or RM6. For one kg, the government had to bear the cost of over RM3,” he said.



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