If Najib believes that he is more popular than Lim Guan Eng, he should run against him in GE15 in Ipoh


It would be unfair to ask Najib Razak to run against LGE in Penang.

How about Ipoh? It’s a Chinese parliamentary seat which is what Najib wants since he believes that he is so popular among the Chinese. The MCA used to be a force there, and Michelle Yeoh would surely return to help him get elected.


Umno leader: Guan Eng rattled that Chinese favour Najib over him

Published:  Mar 29, 2022 5:00 PM

Updated: 5:01 PM

Penang Umno Wanita leader Norliza Abdul Rahim has laid into former chief minister Lim Guan Eng as part of a growing war of words after ex-premier Najib Abdul Razak visited the state.

She hit out at Lim (above, left) after he “defended” a Penang business group for being critical of the welcome Najib received during his trip.

“I am surprised that he (Lim) quickly jumped to defend the Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce (PCCC). It just confirmed that I was right.

“PCCC is the mouthpiece of DAP and now he is acting as the spokesperson for PCCC,” Norliza (above, right) said.

She was responding to a post by Lim on Facebook yesterday in which he said, “Whether there is a right to representation or not, it is decided by Chinese society, not by extreme racist political parties. I also hope that Umno will not bully the Chinese leaders.

“Umno has not yet run in the national general election, and it has already attempted to bully the Chinese society and the Chinese social interests.”

Norliza questioned if Lim wanted to be the spokesperson of PCCC. She also advised the organisation to focus on business-related matters for the Chinese community, rather than on politics.

She then claimed Najib is now more popular than Lim among the Chinese.

Two days ago, Norliza said she was disgusted with PCCC president Hong Yeam Wah and Komtar assemblyperson Teh Lai Hin who issued statements against Najib’s visit to Penang last Friday (March 25).

Hong rejected the notion that the Chinese community welcomed Najib’s visit to the state after Federation of Malaysia Zhang Clan Association president Anthony Chang Wei Loon said he received Najib with open arms on behalf of Penang Chinese.

Norliza also slammed Lim for making his Facebook post only in Mandarin.

She was not amused, retorting: “His post is only in the Chinese language. Why? He targets the Chinese audience as he knows well that Najib has a stronger appeal than him in the Chinese community now.

“The reason behind his statement being issued only in the Chinese language is to break Najib’s growing appeal in the Chinese community,” she added.



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