Singapore: Knife-wielding man shot by police at Bendemeer Road, pronounced dead at hospital





A police officer shot dead a man wielding a knife at Block 33 Bendemeer Road, near Boon Keng, on Wednesday, March 23.

The 64-year-old man was walking around the foot of the HDB block shouting and brandishing a knife at around 4pm, the police said during a press conference on Wednesday night.

The man came out of a unit and officers told him to drop the weapon but he refused.

He then walked towards them.

The police officers retreated after firing three taser shots at the man.

But the man continued to walk towards them.

One of the officers then fired a shot from his pistol at the man who fell to the ground.

The man had a gunshot wound in his chest.

The police said the man was shot as he was an “imminent threat to the safety of the officers”.

The officer performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the man.

He was conveyed unconscious to hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 5.13pm.

The man was wanted by the Central Narcotics Bureau.


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