Iris Koh, founder of Healing the Divide, has Covid-19


Sulaiman Daud | March 18, 2022, 07:44 PM

Anti-vaccine group founder Iris Koh said she tested positive for Covid-19 and (wrongly) believes that it may give her a lifetime immunity to the virus.

In a Facebook post on March 15, Koh said that she contracted Covid after “many days of living with a Covid positive spouse”.

Koh, sounding upbeat, said she experienced a fever and sore throat but still could smell and taste and is feeling “quite ok”.

Koh also speculated that she now has “immunity for life due to her infection.

Screenshot from Koh’s Facebook page.

This is inaccurate. According to Johns Hopkins, “natural” immunity conferred by a Covid infection wanes over time, and does so faster than the immunity provided by a vaccination.

It also recommends that people who have been infected should still get vaccinated for added protection, and also due to the fact that “natural” immunity varies in different individuals.

Also, people infected with earlier variants of Covid-19 may still be vulnerable to newer variants.

A Singapore study found that immunity from a prior Covid infection varies greatly in different people, and people who have recovered may still get infected again, the Straits Times reported in March 2021.

Associate Professor Hsu Li Yang, an expert on infectious diseases at the NUS Saw Swee Hock School of Public, said in a Straits Times interview that the “likelihood of a lifelong immunity post-infection or post-booster” is “extremely unlikely.


Iris Koh

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I’m very happy to announce that after many days of living with a Covid Positive spouse, I’m finally tested positive today!

Besides one day of fever and a few days of sore throat, I still have my sense of smell and taste and I am mostly feeling quite ok today. So it’s not true that those vaccinated have lighter symptoms. I dare say that those unvaccinated have light symptoms too.

As a proud member of the unvaccinated community, we will always be the control group to check and balance the safety and efficiency of the current vaccines.

I don’t see why we should risk potential more than 1000 side effects for a relatively mild case of Covid.

Iris Koh


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