Foo Siang Heng, Poem: On Why I Was An HR Specialist


On Why I Was An HR Specialist*

Pray do honestly tell
Why you worked in Personnel 
Though trained as a biologist
Isn’t there something amiss?

I’ve to solemnly admit
My interest is evenly split
Between flora and fauna
But never…prima donnas

If initials are any indication
Of my true inclination
Then I’m a FSH-man
Ichthyologist, not fisherman

My interviewers often asked
Hard questions as tasked
What relevance Biology’s got
With problems of human sort?

I studied animal ethology
But not human idiosyncrasy
Use animal solutions for men
To put them on the mend

That’s why many biologists
Are human resource specialists
Once you understand the beast
In man, disputes cease to exist



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