26 January 2022: Singapore has 4,832 new Covid-19 cases, surpassing Malaysia’s 4,744


4,832 new Covid-19 cases in S’pore on Jan. 26, 2,996 low-risk cases detected via ART

The weekly infection growth rate is 2.50.

Karen Lui | January 26, 2022, 10:19 PM

Singapore reported 4,832 new Covid-19 cases as of 12pm on Jan. 26.

Locally transmitted cases:  4,560

Imported cases: 272

Death: 0

Death toll from coronavirus complications: 850

The country has recorded 327,602 Covid-19 cases in total since the start of the pandemic.


In ICU: 11

Patients in hospital: 580

Requiring oxygen supplementation: 44

Change in reporting of daily cases

As of Jan. 21, MOH will stop its current practice of highlighting the number of Omicron variant cases that are part of the daily Covid-19 cases.

This is due to the Omicron variant dominating the current infection wave.

MOH’s updates will now include both new Covid-19 cases that have been confirmed via a PCR test, as well as new GP-Protocol 2 cases.

These numbers will also be backdated to Jan. 6.





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