The Health Ministry (MoH) has confirmed the occurrence of suspected adverse effects following immunisation (AEFI) against Covid-19 at Kajang Prison, affecting 18 inmates – two of whom have since died.


Based on publicly available data from the Health Ministry, there were 124 serious AEFI reports lodged to the NPRA in relation to the Pfizer vaccine, out of 5,788,459 doses administered since Nov 1, 2021.


18 Kajang Prison inmates hit by vaccine adverse effects, including two dead: Health Ministry

Viral letter says 15 were given Pfizer, three CanSino

Updated 12 minutes ago · Published on 04 Jan 2022 2:01PM

KUALA LUMPUR – The Health Ministry (MoH) has confirmed the occurrence of suspected adverse effects following immunisation (AEFI) against Covid-19 at Kajang Prison, affecting 18 inmates – two of whom have since died.

Dr Roshayati Mohamad Sani, director of the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency’s (NPRA) Regulatory Department, said in a statement today that the agency is aware of the reports detailing suspected AEFI among the inmates.

The NPRA, which falls under the MoH, has launched a probe into the matter after being alerted about it by a circular from the prison.

“The AEFI reports which were classified as serious cases, including those involving deaths, are currently being investigated.

“At the same time, an investigation is also being conducted by the Hulu Langat District Health Office together with the Selangor state Health Department to obtain complete information.

“Subsequently the findings from the investigation will be presented for evaluation by the Covid-19 Vaccine Special Pharmacovigilance Committee to verify the causality or connection between vaccines and adverse effects that have been reported,” she added.

Dr Roshayati stressed that the MoH through the NPRA is constantly monitoring reports of AEFI stemming from the various vaccines being administered here.

The statement was issued in response to a letter by Hulu Langat district health officer Dr Zailiza Suli which has gone viral. It is believed that it was meant only for internal circulation as it detailed the 18 cases of AEFI reported among prisoners.

The letter dated November 30, 2021 claimed that 15 of the 18 affected prisoners were given the Pfizer vaccine while three were jabbed with CanSino. They were among the total of 2,782 inmates housed in that prison.

Besides the two deaths, the other adverse effects listed in Dr Zailiza’s letter include three cases of cardiovascular-related issues, four involving temporary paralysis, three of distant abscesses (sores with pus far from the inoculation point), and six inmates who suffered lung infections after receiving their jabs.

Dr Zailiza also noted that the death rate from AEFI – one fatality per 1,391 inmates – is a worrying ratio. She recommended further studies be carried out before mandating additional or booster vaccine shots to these inmates.

Consumer group to serve notice of liability to MPs

Separately, the Malaysian Muslim Consumer Association (PPIM) today urged the MoH for answers about the reported AEFIs and the general safety of vaccines in view of Dr Zailiza’s leaked letter.

PPIM chief Datuk Nadzim Johan claimed that the association has received numerous reports from people complaining about the AEFIs suffered by them or their loved ones.

“There have been many complaints of people suffering side effects after being given the vaccines, so we just want to know the truth.

“We are not anti-vaxxers, but we are instead pro-safety, where we do not want a dangerous vaccination programme,” he said during a press conference broadcast on Facebook this morning.


Health Ministry confirms AEFI cases and 2 deaths in Kajang prison

Published:  Jan 4, 2022 2:10 PM⋅Updated: 2:57 PM

The Health Ministry has verified a letter from the Kajang prison director which detailed 18 serious cases of adverse events following immunisation (AEFI) – including two deaths – among the inmates, after pictures of the letter went viral on social media.

The ministry noted that it has received the reports on the cases and is still investigating those classified as serious AEFI.

“The Health Ministry, through the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) is continuously monitoring the safety of all vaccines, including the Covid-19 vaccine through the AEFI reports.

“All the reports stated in the letter have been received by the NPRA. The reports of serious AEFI including deaths are currently under investigation,” said NPRA director Dr Roshayati Mohamad Sani.

The Hulu Langat district health office, as well as the Selangor Health Department, will then present the results of the investigation to the Covid-19 Vaccine Special Pharmacovigilance Committee (JFK) in order to determine whether there is a causal link between the vaccine and the adverse effects.

She was referring to a letter dated Nov 30, 2021, sent by the Kajang prison director to the local district health office, in which the director had detailed 18 serious AEFI cases and requested clarification regarding the booster shots.

Out of the 18 cases, the two who died were those who had received the Pfizer vaccine, according to the letter.


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