The only non-vaccinated teacher in St Michael’s Institution (SMI), Ipoh complains in a video that he was “isolated”


He claims that he was placed in isolation in a storeroom. He was actually placed in a former school cleaner’s cabin.



Covid-19: Unvaccinated teacher placed in isolation, Ipoh school says it followed Education Ministry directive

Wednesday, 24 Nov 2021 8:40 PM MYT

IPOH: An unvaccinated teacher was placed in isolation in a storeroom because the school was following a directive from the Education Ministry.

SMK St Michael principal Sit Wai Yin said the teacher, the only one who had yet to get a Covid-19 vaccine, was not allowed to have face-to-face interaction with other teachers or students.

“The teacher was placed in a former school cleaner’s cabin.

“I have encouraged the teacher to get vaccinated many times since May 2021,” he said.

“The Perak Education Department and North Kinta District Education Department officers have directed him for other tasks effective Wednesday (Nov 24),” he added.

The teacher had expressed his regret at being isolated because he was not vaccinated.

A video on the issue was uploaded on TikTok on Monday (Nov 22) and received over 1.2 million views.

According to guidelines on school management and operations set by the Ministry, those who have not been vaccinated or had rejected it would still need to go to school but needed to adhere to all guidelines and directives.

They are not allowed to conduct face-to-face teaching and learning nor be in the same room or areas as the students or other school staffmembers.

Meanwhile, state education committee chairman Ahmad Saidi Mohamad Daud said the state Education Department had conducted a full and thorough investigation into the matter.



By Zahratulhayat Mat Arif – November 24, 2021 @ 6:37pm

IPOH: The state Education Department has carried out a thorough investigation into claims made by a secondary school teacher here that he had been placed in a store room as he had yet to receive his Covid-19 vaccine.

State Education, Higher Learning and Human Resources Committee chairman Ahmad Saidi Mohamad Daud said the department has notified the Education Ministry on the matter for further action.

“I am aware of the case and have received feedback from the state Education Department.

“The department has carried out a thorough investigation and the Education Ministry has been notified about the matter,” he said in a statement today.

Saidi said the state government looks on the matter seriously as it involves health and the welfare aspect of all teachers and students of the school.

“We want to have a healthy and conducive environment and avoiding the virus is our top priority.

“We want to ensure that teachers, students and parents are in good condition,” he said, adding that a full report will be announced by the ministry.

A video of a school teacher from SMK St Michael went viral on social media in which he claimed he was placed in the store room instead of the teacher’s office, as he had yet to receive the vaccine.

In a three-minute video, the male teacher claimed that the store room has no chair, plug point and was made of zinc and it is hard for him to stay there as it is too hot.


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