Steven Crowder, racist YouTuber, attacked Betty Yu, CBS reporter, for having “an aggressively Asian face”


Steven Blake Crowder (/ˈkraʊdər/; born July 7, 1987) is an American-Canadian[1] conservative political commentator, media host, and comedian.[2] He hosts Louder with Crowder, a daily political podcast and YouTube channel, which includes a recurring segment called “Change My Mind”. He is also a former contributor at Fox News.

In June 2019, Crowder’s YouTube videos were put under review over his repeated use of racist and homophobic slurs against journalist Carlos Maza.[2][3][4] YouTube did not suspend the channel and said the channel did not violate the site’s policies, but demonetized the account the following day, citing “a pattern of egregious actions [that] harmed the broader community”.[5] In August 2020, his channel was re-monetized after YouTube said Crowder addressed his behavior and content.[6] In March 2021, his channel was once again demonetized after violating YouTube’s presidential election integrity policy for questioning the legitimacy of election results.[7]






By Dominic Patten

Senior Editor, Legal & TV Critic @DeadlineDominic

October 20, 2021 11:14pm

CBS TV Stations boss Jennifer Mitchell is offering her and the company’s “full support” to a San Francisco on-air reporter after an asinine and racist attack Wednesday by a conservative YouTube host.

Just back online after a one-week suspension by the Google-owned platform for violating YouTube’s hate speech policy in a tirade against the trans community, Steven Crowder today used a segment on In-N-Out Burger shuttering its only Bay Area outlet over vaccination status requirement to mock and belittle KPIX 5’s Betty Yu.

The ViacomCBS executive wasn’t having any of it from the repeatedly decried Louder With Crowder host.

“CBS Television Stations and KPIX 5 fully support our colleague Betty Yu and condemn the horrific, racist comments directed at Betty as well as the other demeaning Asian stereotypes spread during Steven Crowder’s program on Wednesday,” said a joint statement tonight from Mitchell and KPIX-TV San Francisco president/GM Kevin Walsh.

“We stand in solidarity with Betty, an accomplished journalist and valued member of our CBS family,” the execs added. “These hateful and offensive remarks are outrageous and destructive and reaffirm the importance of our work as journalists to shine a light on anti-Asian violence and hate speech when it occurs.”

With violence and other attacks and discrimination against the Asian-American community surging over the pandemic, Crowder and his cronies remarks about Yu’s looks, and slurs against Asian culture had a both threatening and sickening elucidation.

A veteran of KPIX 5 since 2013, University of California and Columbia Journalism School grad Yu has received an outpouring of backing from her station colleagues, as well as reporters at other San Fran outlets.

“The casual nature of this racism is so despicable,” tweeted NBC Bay Area’s Candice Nguyen tonight. “He may issue an apology but this showed what he was already thinking.”




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