Fact Check-The Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine was not created in 2018: The packaging has been doctored


Reuters Fact Check

July 29, 20215:03 PM Updated 3 months ago

Fact Check-The Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine was not created in 2018

By Reuters Fact Check

A doctored photo of a COVID-19 Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine box has fueled misinformation about the legitimacy of the pandemic by suggesting the shot was developed in 2018 – more than a year before the novel coronavirus itself was first discovered.

The original image of the packaging was shared in late 2020 (here and www.bbc.com/news/54893437) but resurfaced in July, this time with an alleged manufacturing date – “2018.07.05” – stamped on the side.


However, a spokesperson for AstraZeneca confirmed to Reuters that the company had not created packaging for its COVID-19 vaccine in 2018.

Also speaking to Reuters, an expert in image manipulation said the latest photo appears to be digitally altered.

“The date on the photo of the AstraZeneca vaccine packaging is different in color from the rest of the fonts – the font color here is richer and there are no light reflections,” said Dr Thorsten Beck, a researcher at the Humboldt-Elsevier Advanced Data and Text Centre (HEADT Centre) in Berlin (headt.eu/). “As a result, this part of the packaging looks rather unnatural.”

He added: “The number sequence is also printed at a slight angle compared to the packaging fold, which also raises questions. Both features can be interpreted as initial suspicions of image manipulation. A comparison of the font also suggests that the date was subsequently mounted in the image (comparison of ‘1’ in 2018 and in ‘10 multidose vials’). Still, poor image quality makes the analysis difficult.

“An inquiry to the manufacturer revealed that the packaging lists expiration date information (marked as ‘EXP’), but not the production date. Therefore, the date information on the packaging, which can be seen in the picture, can with high probability be considered a fake” (here).



False. The Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine received approval in December 2020 for use in the UK. The image of the vaccine packaging circulated in July has been digitally altered.

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Received via WhatsApp:

Hal Turner Radio Show

How Did Astra-Zeneca Manufacture “COVID-19 Vaccine” in July of 2018 Before the Disease Was Even Discovered or Named?

World Hal Turner 12 October 2021 Hits: 142370

A whole lot of people have a lot of explaining to do. Boxes of COVID-19 Vaccine from AstraZeneca show a Manufacture Date of July 15, 2018 . . . But “COVID-19” wasn’t discovered until 2019 and wasn’t NAMED until February 11, 2020.

Here’s the smoking gun: A box of COVID-19 Vaccine from AstraZeneca, with the manufacture date of July 15, 2018 computer printed on the box flap:

Manufacture Date: 2018.07.15

Read the rest of the article here:



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