Singapore acts against the not-so-truthful Truth Warriors


The Truth Warriors website claims to have been started by a “group of concerned citizens”. One page on the website purportedly tracks the number of “suspected” cases of deaths in Singapore from a Covid-19 vaccine. On another, a picture urges people not to follow the majority but to “follow the right way”.



Singapore’s Ministry of Health issued a correction order to website Truth Warriors over claims that Covid-19 vaccines are not effective.

International evidence shows categorically that vaccines cut Covid-19 infection, as well as serious illness and mortality rates from the virus, the ministry said in a statement on Sunday. Truth Warriors, which says it is made up of a local community in Singapore, also claimed that Ivermectin is a potential treatment for such illness.

The website has to publish the correction notice at the top of each page containing the related statements under instructions from the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act, or Pofma, Office, according to the statement. There will also be criminal investigations on the case, it said.

Under the website’s “Articles and Resources” page, correction notices have already been attached to two articles, stating that the page contains a “false statement of fact” and directing users to a government website.

Claims by Truth Warriors that MOH wants corrected include assertions related to:

– Case and death rates compared with vaccination rates across countries;

– Whether vaccines can prevent the transmission of Covid-19;

– Effectiveness of Ivermectin as a potential treatment for Covid-19, including in pregnant women. – Bloomberg


Covid-19: MOH calls out ‘Truth Warriors’ website for ‘potentially misleading’ posts on vaccines, ivermectin

Published October 15, 2021
Updated October 15, 2021

SINGAPORE — The Ministry of Health (MOH) on Friday (Oct 15) called out the “Truth Warriors” website as one of several local websites posting “unverified and potentially misleading information” on Covid-19 vaccines and the ivermectin drug.

In a Facebook post, MOH said the website has been carrying articles claiming that ivermectin, an anti-parasite drug, is safe and effective in treating Covid-19 and that other countries have been using it for early treatment of the coronavirus with high success rates.

“To date, there is no scientific evidence from properly conducted clinical trials to demonstrate that ivermectin is effective against Covid-19,” the ministry said.

“Self-medicating with ivermectin can be dangerous to one’s health, and there have been reports of patients requiring hospitalisation after doing so.”

Last Thursday, the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) said it was investigating the illegal sales and distribution of ivermectin in relation to a case where a 65-year-old woman ended up in hospital after consuming the drug.

In Singapore, ivermectin is sold by prescription only and for the sole purpose of treating parasitic worm infections.

Side effects of ivermectin can include vomiting, stomach pain, seizures, severe skin rash and liver injury.

MOH stressed that it is not used to treat viruses and is not approved by HSA for use in preventing or treating Covid-19.

Despite this, some people have been organising bulk online purchases of the drug from overseas, TODAY previously reported.

Even after the media spotlight on the 65-year-old woman’s hospitalisation, supporters of ivermectin have also dug their heels in and cast doubt that the drug caused the woman to fall ill.





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