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Vietnamese citizens slam distortion of history in Chinese TV drama

By Nghinh Xuan

Thu, 10/7/2021 | 18:00 (GMT+7)

Audiences have expressed anger over possible distortion of the truth by a Chinese TV serial about the 1979 border war between Vietnam and China.

According to some Chinese websites and film forums, the TV series, titled “Ace Troops,” has the Vietnamese army launching an invasion and its China counterpart acting in self-defense. However, the exact opposite is true. China had invaded Vietnam without any justification and Vietnam had to fight back in self-defense.

On Oct. 6, an account named Ali commented on Douban – China’s largest film forum – about “Ace Troops”: “The drama does not reflect history, it distorts information about Vietnam.”

Earlier, on the Weibo social network, some Chinese bloggers had summarized the movie’s plot. Yundanfengqing, with nearly 15,000 followers, wrote: “The series is set in the 1980s, the Vietnamese army grows strong and wanting China’s territory, launches an invasion at the Chinese border. Facing this situation, in 1979, China launches a self-defence counterattack.”

On the lcyu website, the trailer and poster of “Ace Troops” show that the film depicts the war on the northern border of Vietnam. According to Manyanu, another Chinese website, the film is about “Chinese soldiers in a self-defence counterattack against Vietnam”.

Another website, Baidu, summarizes the series as having a timeline spanning 40 years starting in 1983, tracing the stories of two army rookies Gao Liang (Huang Johnny) and Gu Yi Ye (Sean Xiao). Liang is from a mining family, while Ye grows up in a military family. Both are aggressive and hate each other before becoming friends. They go through the war together, clearing landmines in Guangxi. The series, directed by Liu Yan, has released a trailer but has not announced its broadcast schedule.

On many forums in Vietnam and China, many Vietnamese netizens have strongly opposed the summary of the TV series by Yundanfengqing and others.


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