Fallacy: If China is strong, others will think twice before mistreating oversea Chinese. Truth: Others look for Chinese “dogs” to mistreat


That is what is implied in the story below. If China (the dog owner) is strong, who would dare beat oversea Chinese (China’s dog)?


You might think that having a Super Power like China protecting you is the best. Not true in the Solomon Islands.

They want to beat China’s dog!

The Solomon Islands: Caught between China and Taiwan?
*As long as you were Chinese, they burned your building
*One of the few structures left unscorched in Chinatown was a building draped in Taiwanese flags.



Received via WhatsApp:

Chinese saying “If you want to beat a dog you have to watch who the owner is”……..
Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the founder of modern China, once told a story about a Chinese merchant in the Dutch East Indies.

The Dutch government imposed a curfew that specifically targeted the Chinese populace there. The merchant was out visiting his friends one day, and it was only when night fell that he remembered he had forgotten his identification papers.

So the man went to a brothel, and paid a coin to a Japanese prostitute – not for her “services”, but simply to have her walk him home. He did so knowing the Dutch police would never antagonise a Japanese national.

Why did the Dutch victimise the Chinese, but not the Japanese?

Because Japan was a rising power, and China was weak.

You can be the most successful and richest merchant where you live, but if your motherland is weak, then even the lowliest prostitute will command more respect than you, simply for being from a strong country.

Hard to swallow, but it’s true. And it doesn’t matter which nationality overseas Chinese see themselves as, because in the eyes of their adopted countries, they will always be outsiders and/or inferior. Whatever you think you are, others will see you as Chinese first. Most in China already know this to be true, but COVID just made it more explicit.

Unfortunately, many overseas Chinese still do not, or perhaps do not want to, get the point. They think that by denying their heritage, and throwing their own people and motherland under the bus, they will be more accepted by their newfound tribe.


My addition to the propaganda: We overseas Chinese are not dogs owned by China.

1. This story asks us to see ourselves as Chinese first. The CCP wants us to put Communist China first, and therefore, encourages us to be traitors to our country, whether Malaysia, Singapore, the USA, etc.

2. For a long time in Malaysia, the Malaysia Chinese Association (MCA), thought that being the dog of UMNO would bring power, wealth and status to the Chinese. Did it happen?

3. Knowing how propagandists work, I doubt that Sun Yat-sen ever told the story.


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