My recent experience of a credit card scam


A warning from Public Bank Berhad.


19 May 2022

RM 0.00 M . B . B :Your payment M Y R 3,230.50 with card 4460 at SHOPEE was Successful. For Enquiry 01136034865.

☝️Another attempt to scam. I stil have no Maybank credit card. I still have no Shopee account.


It started with this SMS:

MB:Your C.c ending with 8628 was charged RM3695.10 AT SH0PEE.lF N0T USE, CAII 01126203940 N0W


*I thought, “That’s strange. I don’t use Shopee.”

I was worried because someone did pay for a Lazada purchase a few months ago with my credit card but Lazada refunded me when I complained.

I called the number. The woman who answered said it was the Maybank Call Center in Jalan Tun Perak.

She was very helpful. Gave me all the details about the credit card.

*She was not supposed to do that at all but she did. That’s one sign that she was a scammer.

Next, she gave me two numbers to call, Bank Negara Malaysia numbers, to report my case to them.

I thanked her.

*My next step was to be crucial. I WhatsApped my “dad and sons” chat group.

This is what I found out from one of my sons:

1. Maybank uses a landline, not a hand phone number.

It’s 1-300-88-6688.

2. The Maybank Call Center is not in Jalan Tun Perak. That’s the HQ, for management staff.

The “Call Center” is in Bukit Jelutong, Selangor. It’s called “Customer service”.

3. The Bank Negara Malaysia numbers she gave are not genuine but would have connected me to other scammers on the team.

This is the Bank Negara Malaysia number: O3 2174 1717


*This attempt to scam me had failed not because I was wise but because I consulted others, in this case my sons. Always talk to others.

*If I had called one of the fake Bank Negara numbers, I would have been led on to yield my credit card details, bank account number, etc.

*Who knows how much I would have lost?

*It wouldn’t have been much as I have virtually nothing.


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