Covid-19 appears in other parts of China: Xiamen, Putian (Fujian province) and Harbin (Heilongjiang province)




Bayan county, Heilongjiang seals off communities after detecting 3 coronavirus cases

By Global Times
Published: Sep 22, 2021 12:02 PM

Bayan county in Northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province where three positive COVID-19 infections were detected, is accelerating coronavirus control measures starting Wednesday, with public transportation system suspended and some communities sealed off.

The three patients in Bayan county were tested positive on Tuesday, two of them recently returned from the Philippines.

Communities in Bayan county are being sealed off but residents are allowed to move around within the communities. Each family is allowed to have only one person to purchase daily necessities every two days, according to a notice released by Bayan county anti-epidemic group on Wednesday.

But residents living in communities close to areas with positive cases will have to stay indoors all day long and their daily necessities will be delivered to their homes. Two communities in Bayan County were labeled as medium-risk regions.

Buses and taxis have suspended operations in the county. Only anti-epidemic vehicles and vehicles that deliver essential necessities are allowed on the roads.

Global Times


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