One of the curses of being an Overseas Chinese is receiving propaganda about supporting China: This one is about buying Huawei and rejecting Apple…


Lots of wrong facts in the message below. After reading it, read the NEXT ARTICLE which makes corrections.

Received via WhatsApp:

Buy Huawei P40 5G and forget Apple12! Pay attention to the following point 9: No need to buy Maxis, DiGi, Celcom, etc. This information is widely circulated in China!

Apple 12 will be available soon. It is time for us to express our dissatisfaction with the bullying and threatening tactics of the United States! If Apple 12 is not well received in the Chinese market on the day of its release, the United States will lose face! Now is the time for us to do something and insist on not buying Apple 12!
Many people will take part in this action to make the United States a fiasco! Tens of millions of people now forward this message to Chinese people everywhere through the Internet! Let’s start to do something, China’s domestic mobile phone is really great, please use Huawei P40:-

1) With a main switch, you can connect to the Internet from anywhere (no matter in a hotel or elsewhere) without anyone entering a password to connect.
2) Yes, you can log in to two WeChat accounts at the same time.
3) This is a Leica dual-lens camera, the effect is the same as the SLR effect. This is a real Leica camera.
4) It has the world’s first virtual 3 antenna reception. If you have poor network coverage, you can still get good reception.
5) P40 5G is 2/3 of Apple’s price, and cheaper and longer than Samsung. P40 5G full Netcom only sells for 5988 yuan, which is cost-effective.
6) Easy to download without ID code and password.
7) The speed is very fast, P40 is 8G + 512GB.
8) The most exciting thing is that Huawei’s mobile phones will be implanted with Beidou chips before June 2020.
9) No need to pay phone and data charges for life. After installing the chip, no card is required.
10) Since the chip is based on satellite communications, satellite signals can be received anywhere, which is beyond imagination!
11) We support products made in China!
12) Realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation as soon as possible!
13) To reduce the arrogance of the United States, this is the most critical!

Please forward it to 50 people to win this action! If you see this message, please forward it no matter how busy you are!

购买华为P40 5G忘了Apple12! 请注意以下9点:无需购买Maxis,DiGi,Celcom等。此信息在中国广为流传!

Apple 12即将面市。 现在是我们对美国的欺凌和威胁性策略表示不满的时候了! 如果Apple 12发布当天在中国市场上不受欢迎,美国将丢脸! 现在是时候让我们做什么,坚持不购买Apple 12!
许多人将参加使美国惨败的行动! 现在,成千上万人通过互联网将这一信息转发给各地的中国人! 让我们开始做点事情,中国的国产手机真的很棒,请使用华为P40:-

3)这是徕卡双镜头相机,其效果与单反效果相同。 这是真正的徕卡相机。
4)它具有世界上第一个虚拟3天线接收。 如果您的网络覆盖范围较差,您仍然可以得到良好的接待。
5)P40 5G是苹果价格的2/3,比三星便宜且更长。 全网通的P40 5G仅售5988元,非常划算。
7)速度非常快,P40为8G + 512GB。
9)终生无需支付电话和数据费用。 安装芯片后,不需要卡。


请转发给50个人以赢得这场比赛! 如果您看到此消息,无论您有多忙,都请转发它!


Will BeiDou Give HUAWEI Phones FREE Calls + Internet?

Posted by Dr. Adrian Wong

Now that the final BeiDou satellite will soon be launched, people are claiming that it will give HUAWEI phones free calls and Internet!

Find out what the facts are, and why people believe BeiDou will really give HUAWEI phones free calls and Internet!

BeiDou : What Is It?

BeiDou is China’s own satellite positioning and navigational system, functionally similar to GPS, GLONASS and Galileo.

So far, the Chinese have launched 59 satellites, from three generations, with the last BeiDou-3 satellite scheduled to launch in a few days.

BeiDou satellite network

Will BeiDou Give HUAWEI Phones FREE Calls + Internet?

People are sharing this message, claiming that BeiDou will give every HUAWEI phone unlimited calls and Internet without a SIM card!

If u r able to change/ upgrade ur hp then u may want to consider Huawei devices.

Please buy Huawei hp because after the End of June 2020. All Huawei hp will be equipped with Huawei Own Satellite BEIDOU Chipset which will allow you to make Phone Calls and Internet DATA usages without any Charges for Life and No Sim Card is required. Save a lot of money in the long run??

Baidu is do much more powerful than old uncle Google. Baidu is the major driver for 5G, free satellite calls, wider coverage, higher speed, etc. Anyway no one can stop u fr using uncle Google if u so loved him using any type of hp (iOS, Android, Symbian of others)!! U can also VPN to tunnel into many networks & firewalls….!!

HUAWEI Beidou hoax claim

BeiDou + HUAWEI Phones : The Facts!

The message is yet another fake story about HUAWEI. Here is a video explanation, with details below :

Fact #1 : Smartphones Have Supported BeiDou For Years

HUAWEI, like many other brands, have long introduced multi-constellation support for navigational signals.

Their smartphones not only support GPS, but also BeiDou, GLONASS, and Galileo, switching to whichever satellite system offers the best performance or accuracy.

The first smartphones to support BeiDou were introduced in 2013. It’s not like BeiDou is only being introduced after June 2020.

Fact #2 : BeiDou Is Supported By Foreign Mobile Platforms

BeiDou civilian signals can be used by foreign mobile platforms, and are in fact supported by Samsung Exynos and MediaTek mobile platforms.

Qualcomm, for example, introduced support for BeiDou signals in their Snapdragon 800 (MSM8974) platform back in 2013. So did MediaTek with their MT3332 / MT3333 SoCs.

So many non-HUAWEI smartphones use chipsets that support BeiDou.

Fact #3 : BeiDou Cannot Provide Calls / Internet

BeiDou is primarily a global positioning satellite system, with limited communications capability – just short messaging services (SMS).

However, only the military (or related security services like civil defence) are given access to the BeiDou SMS service, using special satellite phones.

Civilian devices, like HUAWEI smartphones, can only use its positioning services, and have NO ACCESS to any communications capability.

A CGTN news report is probably responsible for this misunderstanding…

Fact #4 : Calls + Internet Still Require A SIM Card / eSIM

While the latest HUAWEI P40 series smartphones support eSIM, other HUAWEI smartphones still require a physical SIM card.

But whether your smartphone uses a physical SIM card or eSIM, it needs some sort of SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) number to obtain call and Internet services from your mobile service provider.

Fact #5 : HUAWEI Offers A Free Video Call Service

HUAWEI recently introduced a new video call feature called MeeTime, which allows all HUAWEI devices to make video calls for free.

This includes tablets like the HUAWEI MatePad Pro, and computers like the HUAWEI MateBook X Pro.


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