Malaysian cop alleged to have inappropriately texted a woman after having “met” her at a road block!


THE police would be better deployed at the state borders to prevent interstate travel instead of manning “unnecessary” roadblocks in the cities, said former prime minister Najib Razak.

He said there was no need now for police checkpoints in the city centres as the government had allowed almost all sectors to open.

“The police must be diverted from the inner city roadblocks to concentrate on stopping cross border travel,” he wrote on Facebook today.“They may also be given time to rest.”

Since the MCO 2.0 was enforced on January 13, police have set up roadblocks in the cities to stop people from unnecessary travel

However, these roadblocks have caused massive traffic jams as more vehicles return to the roads after businesses were allowed to resume.

Travelling across state lines remain prohibited.



PDRM: Cop Who Texted A Woman After Taking Down Her Details At MCO Roadblock Will Be Probed

The officer texted the woman asking if he could get to know her.

By Sadho Ram — 13 Feb 2021, 12:59 PM

Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) has taken note of a viral tweet about one of its officers allegedly misusing a woman’s details to text her

The issue came to light on late Thursday night, 11 February, after the woman took to her Twitter handle to share how earlier during the day she was stopped by the officer at an unspecified roadblock for Movement Control Order (MCO), following which he took down her details including her phone number.

The officer later texted the woman asking if he could get to know her.

In her tweet, she shared a screenshot of the WhatsApp texts the officer sent to her after she was stopped at an unspecified roadblock.

According to the woman, she was on the way to buy some groceries.

In the tweet, she alleged that the PDRM officer stopped her and asked her where she was going.

He then told her to stop at the roadside, took down all her information including her identification number, phone number, and details of her licence.

According to the timestamp in the screenshot of the WhatsApp chat, she received a text from the officer identifying as the police officer who just stopped her at the roadblock.

When she asked if there was an issue, the officer said, “Noting la. Can I get to know you?”

Image from Twitter

Image via Twitter

Image from Twitter

Image via Twitter

The woman’s allegation went viral over Friday, with the official handle of the PDRM asking her to provide full details about the incident

“Good day, miss. We have taken note of this viral issue. Please state the exact day, time, and location of the roadblock that you have mentioned for us to conduct further checks. Thank you,” tweeted PDRM.




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