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Fake American Freedom

In this video I am going to make a case for a very bold statement. And that is that a significant part of American freedom is indeed… fake.

Granted, America does indeed HAVE certain freedoms that people, in some other parts of the world do not have. But! For the past century, many western politicians, western companies and the western media have created this polarized image of global society. On the proper side of the spectrum there is the ‘free world’, that is America and its allies. And on the other side of the spectrum, there is the rest of you out there who aparantly are not free. And in my opinion, that is a completely obscured image of reality.

Many Americans like to refer to their country as “the land of the free” and the “leader of the free world” which sets rather high expectations.

But if America is such a free country. Then why are there so many barriers that limit my freedom to become an American citizen?

If America is such a free country, then why does it have the largest population of inmates in the world?

If America is such a free country then why do millions upon millions of rich Americans lock them selves up voluntarily, in gated communities?

If America is such a free country then why do big tech companies like Twitter and Facebook ban so many voices and viewpoints from their platfoms?

If America is such a free country, then why do the big American tech companies record every single detail of our lives?

If America is such a free country, then why does it host 70 million CCTV camera’s to watch our every move?

It never fails to amaze me how little political freedom there is in America. For the past years. America basically is, a 2-party state. There is only political freedom of choice in America, if you want to join either Republicans or Democrats. There are no other options in America. Just remove one of these parties out of the system, and then America will be nothing short of a totalitarian one-party dictatorship.

Of course, America is not a dictatorship, it’s not that bad.
But in America, there is the same kind of power grab, but it’s less obvious, because it’s done in the background by people we don’t know, and they use democracy as their tool to take control.

In America, a permanent power grab is done by big companies and wealthy families who send their lobbyists to their politicians. It is estimated that in the USA, about a 100.000 people work as a lobbyist, who pay about 9 billion dollars each year to politicians and their parties. In return, these politicians implement all kinds of laws and legislation that are in favor of those companies who paid for it. This basically means that in America, companies can buy a law or they can sabotage legislation they don’t like.
What is the point of ‘free’ elections when a country is basically ruled by rich families and big companies who use politicians as their tools?

In America, freedom in most cases, just favors the rich people. And American freedom is in many cases achieved at the expense of poor people from all over the world.

The American model of freedom unsustainable. If every country in the world would obtain its freedoms the way America has done it for the past century, then there will be no peace, no freedom, no wealth and no resources left for anyone.

Now all of this, is not unique to America, mischief like this is happening everywhere in the world. In Europe, Asia and Africa, all over the world countries have committed atrocities that violated and looted the freedoms of other people.

However; America likes to present itself as ‘the land of the free’ and ‘the leader of the free world’. Referring to yourself like that, creates a moral obligation that the USA can not live up to.

So my call to America is; perhaps don’t call yourself ‘The land of the free’ but instead; ‘The land where freedom is for sale but at the expense of others’.

It’s either that, or re-arrange your system in way that everyone can enjoy your freedoms. Not only big companies and those who were born in rich families, but from now on, try to find ways to make all of those freedoms accessible to everyone. Without taking those freedoms away from people in other countries. Because if you don’t, and more and more countries will follow your example, then the world be doomed


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