Woman Professor (Medical) apologizes for her rant…




Published 5 hours ago on February 4, 2021

By Sheralyn

The woman who was caught on video making an illegal U-turn and going into a road rage was alleged to be a doctor, according to the victim of the road rage, Fadzli Amin, who claimed that she showed him her stethoscope during the argument to prove that she was a doctor.

The woman has since been identified as a professor from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM).

After videos of the incident circulated on social media yesterday (3 February), UPM has come forward with an official statement to address the issue.

In the statement posted on Facebook, the Director of the Centre for Strategy and Corporate Relations said that they are taking the matter seriously and that investigation will be conducted for further action

β€œUPM would like to address the issue of the reaction of a UPM staff who reportedly had an argument with another road driver that has gone viral recently,” the statement said.

β€œUPM takes this matter seriously and her (the woman’s) personal spontaneous reaction and code of conduct does not at all reflect the principles and ethics that UPM staff should apply.”

β€œIn this regard, this matter is under investigation by UPM for further action,” the statement said.

The woman, identified as Bahariah Khalid, has also come forward with an apology in an Instagram post.




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