Anonymous message justifies China’s camps for Uyghurs by criticizing France for having re-education camps for Muslim terrorists…


Yes, it is true that France had had re-education camps since 2016 but they were small-scale and used for individuals, at most 9.

They were not large-scale and used for a whole population of Uyghurs.

There are no re-education camps in France today. The last one was shut down in 2017.


French re-education camps

The French re-education camps,[1][2][3] officially called Centre of Prevention, Integration and Citizenship (Le Centre de Prévention, D’insertion et de Citoyenneté), were planned and partially implemented deradicalisation camps announced by the French government in May 2016, following a rise in violent terror attacks across France such as the Charlie Hedbo shooting of January 2015 and the November 2015 Paris attacks.

Announced by the then French Prime Minister Manuel Valls on 9 May 2016 under the newly established Interministerial Committee for the Prevention of Delinquency and Radicalization, the programme aimed to establish “treatment centres” in every region of France by the end of 2017.[4] The first camp opened in September 2016 in Beaumont-en-Véron, situated within the Château de Pontourny, an 18th-century manor in central France.[5] The camp had a total capacity of 25 people, while at its peak housed 9 participants. By August 2017, the first camp was shut down after concerns from the local community, as well as criticism of the admissions criteria, which specified volunteer participants who had not committed terror offences. Following these concerns, a Senate committee deemed the programme “a complete fiasco”, resulting in the camp’s shutdown.[6]


Received via WhatsApp…

When France does it, it is honky dory. When China does it, is Nazi Concentration camps👇👇👇

France fights terror with camps for re-education:

France will send radicalised Islamists to re-education centres under a €40 million plan to tackle extremism, which the prime minister says is the biggest threat to the nation since Hitler.

The suspects will be taught their patriotic duties and forced to undergo psychological treatment in an attempt to counter jihadist indoctrination.

The aim is to prevent Muslim youths from following in the footsteps of the six home-grown terrorists who killed a total of 107 people in attacks in Paris on Charlie Hebdo, the satirical magazine, on a Jewish supermarket in January last year, and on the Bataclan concert hall in November.

Unveiling the programme, Manuel Valls, the prime minister, said: “We have entered a new epoch — the era of hyper-terrorism. The radicalisation of……


China’s camps.


Video: PBS Frontline China Undercover Documentary #China


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