SteadyAku47: Takaful Malaysia’s Hassan Kamil gets an income of $903,000 a month!


In 2018 after GE14, new members of the Tabung Haji board of directors have to struggle to bring the sacred institution to the right track. The institution was robbed several times during the BN era, losing billions of dollars.

Several reports to the police and the MACC have also been made, pending a court hearing.

Due to the greed of the robbers at that time, the people had to accept the consequences. As a result, the grant for Haj Fund contributors for 2018 is only 1.25%, the worst in the nation’s history.

Malaysians, whether Malays, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan or Iban and everything had to “bail-out” Tabung Haji RM19 billion.

However, at the same time, the salary of the CEO of the Hajj subsidiary Fund was not affected, in line with what happened. In fact, CEOs are greedy and greedy, especially for Tabung Haji-based companies like Takaful Malaysia Family Companies Berhad, and Bank Islam Holdings Berhad.

When an aunt in the village got a 1.25% grant and had to wait ten years to save RM10,000 to perform the pilgrimage, Takaful Malaysia CEO Mohamed Hassan Kamil’s income was equivalent to RM903,000 a month or RM10.84 million a year. What is this madness How many years has he received this absurd remuneration?

Even worse, his income in 2019 rose by almost 17%, making his average monthly income last year RM1.05 million MONTH!

This equates to an average income of RM30,000 a day, while the majority of the pilgrims’ savings for ten years do not reach RM700! This CEO’s salary for one day is equal to the savings of a lifetime savings. Why is this allowed to happen?

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