Pfizer has a long track record of fines and Moderna has never produced a successful vaccine but you will still be rolling up your sleeves for their respective vaccine!



Violation Tracker Parent Company Summary

Parent Company Name:  Pfizer
Ownership Structure:  publicly traded (ticker symbol PFE)
Headquartered in:  New York
Major Industry:  pharmaceuticals
Specific Industry:  pharmaceuticals
Penalty total since 2000:  $4,747,652,947
Number of records:  80


The Wall Street Journal

Inside Moderna: The Covid Vaccine Front-Runner With No Track Record and an Unsparing CEO

The upstart hasn’t yet developed an approved drug, its chief can be excoriating and until recently investors were disillusioned. A breakthrough coronavirus vaccine could come in trials starting this month


Though their journeys to a COVID-19 vaccine have been eerily similar, the companies themselves could not be more different. Pfizer is a multinational pharmaceutical giant, while Moderna is a small biotechnology company that has never brought a drug to the market.

Yet when the COVID-19 pandemic began, both companies bet big on a brand-new vaccine technology called mRNA. Moderna had been working on the technology for years, while Pfizer partnered with a smaller German biotechnology company BioNTech for its mRNA research.




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