Malaysia: Achievements 2020…


Received via WhatsApp…


Slightly edited.


A number of Malaysians have shone in this world, namely (in order of the latest):

  1. JOCELYN YOW – elected mayor of a town in California;
  2. PUPILS OF SK TEMONG – won top prize at the International Film Festival in Brazil;
  3. ANGELA YUEN YI QIAN & CHUNG LAU WOEI, 2 UTAR students- their documentary of the Fuchou Red Wine Chicken was among the 5 winning documentaries in Japan;
  4. HO SOK FONG – her book “Lake like a mirror” was shortlisted for the Warwick Prize For Women in Translation;
  5. ZYSON KAN ZY- 9 year old boy who solved NASA’s zero gravity toilet problem;
  6. WEE MENG CHEE @ Namewee – his movie “BABI” was nominated at 4 international film awards;
  7. YEO YANN YANN- nominee for Best Actress at the 2020 Emmy Awards;
  8. CHEONG JUN HOONG- champion in diving at the World Aquatics Championship;
  9. HEIDY QUAH, DR CHEW BEE LYNN ANNICE LYN – winners of the 2020 Women of the Future Southeast Asia Awards;
  10. DR MASLUZA MAHMOOD – the 2nd Malaysian woman Associate Professor of the University of Oxford;
  11. WAN JAMILA WAN SHAIFUL BAHRI – won first place in poster making at the Artdialigo Asia;
  12. YEO BEE YIN – UK scientific journal named her as one of thr top 19 people who impacted the world;
  13. JOSHUA KAM – wins 5th Epigram Books Fiction prize;
  14. SJK(C) SCHOOL STUDENTS – swept 9 medals in the International Math Olympiad in Tokyo;
  15. ERICA ENG – winner of the cartoonist Eisner Award;
  16. KELLY TAN – young golfer who qualified for the PGA competition. Top 5



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