The Owl Killer of Colombia is dead: She decapitated an owl; someone shot her dead 6 months later.



  • Mileydis Aldana, 21, was assassinated by a motorcycle rider at her home Sunday
  • Comes six months after she became notorious as the ‘Owl Killer’ in Latin America
  • She uploaded images of her beheading a barn owl and posing with the dead bird


A woman who sparked outcry by decapitating an owl in a social media video has been shot dead in a drive-by shooing in Colombia.

Mileydis Aldana, 21, was assassinated by a motorcycle rider outside her home in the town of Corozal in Sucre state on Sunday afternoon. 

It comes six months after Aldana was dubbed the ‘Owl Killer’ for beheading a live barn owl in a sick video she posted online.

On Sunday, two men on a motorbike appeared outside her home in the Luis Carlos Galán neighbourhood at around 5pm.

One of the men fired six shots at her before they sped off.

Aldana was rushed to A&E by her relatives but she was dead by the time she arrived at the hospital.



Hitmen murdered “La Gata Verdolaga” in Corozal | THE UNIVERSAL

December 14, 2020 by drbyos

On Sunday afternoon, hitmen assassinated Mileydis Aldana Herazo, known as “La Gata Verdolaga”, who in mid-2020, allegedly cut off the head of an owl, a case that was viral and rejected at the time through social networks.

The woman’s homicide occurred in the Luis Carlos Galán neighborhood of the Corozal municipality, when two men who were mobilizing on a motorcycle approached where she was and the grill man got out and shot her six times.

The 21-year-old girl was left sitting lifeless in the chair she was in when she was surprised by the hit men, who after committing the crime fled undetected by the patrols of the National Police quadrant.

Mileydis was transferred to the emergency room of Hospital Nuestra Señora de Las Mercedes, but she no longer had vital signs. They shot him in the chest, left arm and left leg,

The authorities do not know the motives for the homicide, but they undertook the corresponding investigations to identify, locate and capture those responsible. The murder occurred in Carrera 28 with Calle 41-39, when it was approximately 5:00 in the afternoon.


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