Rafizi Ramli warns Anwar Ibrahim of the danger from opportunists around him in PKR.





Rafizi breaks silence, warns Anwar about surrounding himself with opportunists

Published 5 h ago Updated 5 h ago

PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli today warned his party president Anwar Ibrahim to act immediately against certain individuals in the party whom he considers to be “scoundrels and opportunists” who have surrounded Anwar and brought a dangerous culture to the party.

Rafizi said the “boys” involved only appeared after Anwar was released from prison in 2018 and was viewed as the prime minister in waiting.

“These are the boys around Anwar who only appeared after he was released from prison and was the prime minister in waiting,” he said in a statement today.

The former Pandan MP said this when commenting on the issue of PKR Youth chief Akmal Nasir, who is alleged to have mocked Anwar in a conversation through the WhatsApp application.

Following the spread of views attributed to Akmal, some PKR Youth leaders came forward to urge him to resign.

Until now, Akmal has been known to be a strong supporter of Anwar and positioned in his camp as opposed to that of former deputy president Azmin Ali who left the party and helped bring down the Pakatan Harapan government, denying Anwar the chance to take over as prime minister.

Rafizi himself, while still a PKR vice-president, has effectively ruled himself out of politics since his defeat to Azmin in the PKR party elections at the end of 2018.

“For the last two years, I have not been involved in the political journey. It is my intention to leave politics to others,” he said.

“Many are aware that there are some individuals around Anwar that are opportunists who bring a dangerous culture in the party.

“They bring with them a gangster culture and money politics. They walk around sowing money and promises,” added Rafizi.

“I have reprimanded Anwar for the past two years. So Akmal’s reprimand has a basis.”

He said Anwar needed to be wise at choosing people around him who are guardians to his office.

“At first, he chose Azmin and now we have seen what happens,” said Rafizi.

He said those who not present during the darkest days of the Reformasi struggle had suddenly materialised when Anwar was released from prison in 2018.

Rafizi added that Akmal was targeted and bullied for having any independent view, which was viewed as threatening by those surrounding Anwar.

“I’m the type who doesn’t like to say the same thing over and over again. If the advice has been given and it seems ineffective, then let Anwar bear the risk of keeping the types of opportunists around him.

“I advise everyone who intends to use this party for the sake of wealth and personal position – it is better not to disturb me.”

Rafizi also warned that while he may be dormant, he could be stirred into action if provoked.



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