The misinformation of Roberto Petrella, retired Italian gynecologist: Worldwide Covid 19 is a mass extermination program for the world population. I will prefer death but not vaccination.


According to a note published in 2019 by the Italian media Ilcentro , Petrello is a gynecologist. He is known for his stance against vaccination for Human Papillomavirus.


AFP Fact Check

Retired Italian doctor’s false claims about Covid-19 tests and vaccines circulate globally online

AFP Australia

Published on Thursday 03 December 2020 at 15:15
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A viral video of a retired Italian doctor making several false claims about Covid-19 has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times in multiple languages on Facebook. The false claims include; PCR tests are ineffective at detecting the virus; and vaccines can “weaken” someone’s immune system. The claims are false according to experts, who say PCR tests are “sensitive and accurate” and the vaccine has not been shown to lead to a weakened immune system.

The video was published in this Facebook post on August 28, 2020.

The six-minute video features statements from a man wearing a white coat who is identified as “Dr. Roberto Petrella”. 

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Fact-checked by: Animal Político

2020/08/31 | Mexico

False: Italian doctor Roberto Petrella says that “COVID-19 is a mass extermination program.”

Explanation: Scientific research to date indicates that the disease is caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus and that it was not created intentionally.

A text published on the blogspot platform shares statements that award the Italian doctor Roberto Petrella. It says that “Covid 19 is a mass extermination program (sic)”. But the scientific research carried out so far, indicates that the disease is caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus and that it was not created intentionally. 

The link to the text with false information has already been shared 10,451 times in different Facebook posts, according to the CrowdTangle tool . In the comments, other users have thanked “the information” and express their concern about these statements. 

However, these and other Petrella sayings have already been denied by verifiers such as Colombia Check in Colombia; Checked in Argentina; in Spain; Fast Check in Chile;  Bolivia Check in Bolivia; Rappler in the Philippines and AFP Factual. 

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This is misinformation received via WhatsApp…

Roberto Petrella, Italian doctor denounces the following finding worldwide Covid 19 is a mass extermination program for the world population,

Excited by what he is about to say, and with a hoarse and torn voice, the Italian doctor Roberto Petrella has recorded an 8-minute video that is a wake-up call to the Italian people and also to the whole world. This brave and exemplary doctor only confirms what many of us have been seeing for months, that a worldwide genocide is on the way.

This is a video of extreme urgency, he begins by saying.

Covid 19 is a global program for population reduction, it is estimated that with the vaccine they want to impose at least 80% of the population will die
What they intend to inject is the most terrible of all known vaccines

Do not do any tests, they are not reliable tests. The virus test results are false because they are performed in the presence of fungal and bacterial infections. Rejecting tests is the only way to reject the vaccine

I have said it and I repeat it: no test is capable of detecting SARS-COV-2. Pay close attention because they will begin to test children and from there it will spread to the whole of society, they will begin to do massive tests to children in schools, once their child is tested they will begin to test the whole family and to all close contacts, the idea is that healthy people officially appear as sick

I remind you that we are not sick, we are healthy carriers that have viruses, that does not mean that we are sick, even if you test positive two or three times, that does not mean that you are sick.


I ask you please not to fall into the trap that they want to set you

Once vaccinated we will all be weakened and we will meet certain death. Tell people not to get tested.

This video is so that you do not say that you were not warned.

The behavior of politicians is completely disheartening.

Most of the vaccinated people will cease to exist for society.

China is already doing real tests in several cities, Spain and Argentina are the pilot countries for Latin countries in relation to mass vaccination.

I will prefer death but not vaccination.


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