Waiter! There are glass shards in our drinks!


Woman calls police after finding pieces of glass in daughter’s drink

December 05, 2020
published at 5:45 PM

ByLam Min Lee

A family of four went on a staycation in Sentosa but their holiday was cut short after one of the kids ended up in the hospital.

The mum, 40, told Shin Min Daily News that her family was having breakfast in a hotel on Friday morning (Dec 4) when her elder daughter realised something amiss with her apple juice.

She spat out a piece of ‘plastic’.

Her family didn’t think too much about it and carried on with their meal, but when the 10-year-old finished her drink, she found more glass pieces of varying sizes lying at the bottom of the bottle.

They made a clinking sound when she shook the bottle, the mum said.

Alarmed by the discovery, she checked on her daughter and inspected her younger daughter’s drink as both children had ordered apple juice for breakfast.

Although the elder girl said she didn’t swallow any of the glass pieces, the family alerted the restaurant staff about what they found in the bottle. The restaurant then offered to send the girl to hospital.

When the mum said she was going to call the police, the restaurant informed the hotel management about the incident.

Unhappy with how they handled the incident, she decided to call the police.

The woman then took her daughter to seek medical attention at a hospital where she was later warded for observation.

Rather than getting compensation, the woman said she was safeguarding her rights as a consumer and added that she’s considering reporting the incident to the relevant authorities.


Waiter, there are glass bits in my drink

Last November, pancake restaurant Slappy Cakes apologised after its staff served a smoothie with blended glass pieces in it.

A family dining there found the drink’s texture “grainy” after the mum took a sip. She thought that the grains were part of the fruit or ice, but realised that they were tiny pieces of glass after she spat them out.

Although the police were called to the scene, the case was handed over to the Singapore Food Agency for investigation.



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