Jail for serial conman in Singapore who made nuisance calls, told hospital staff to move patients to different wards…


Shaffiq AlkhatibCourt Correspondent

  • PublishedDec 3, 2020, 9:58 am SGT

SINGAPORE – A serial conman released from prison in October 2019 went back to his old ways this year, this time by pretending to be female nurses in calls to hospitals here.

He convinced a pregnant patient to demonstrate how she massages her own stomach in a video call and even asked nurses to move patients to different wards and delivery suites, acts that could impact the hospitals’ operations, the court heard.

Kelvin Pang Lock Sheng, who does not suffer from a mental illness, was sentenced on Wednesday (Dec 2) to 14 months and seven weeks’ jail after pleading guilty to six counts of communicating a false message and four unrelated cheating charges.

Pang has been in and out of jail since October 2015 for offences, including theft and cheating.

Between January and April this year, he made a series of calls to wards in the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and National University Hospital (NUH).

On Jan 31, Pang, who worked part-time by playing music for funeral service companies, called a pregnant patient in NUH.

“The accused convinced the patient he was a nurse and the patient showed the accused how she massaged her stomach over a video call… The accused even requested that she show him… (her private part)… but the victim declined,” said Deputy Public Prosecutor Norine Tan.

Pang put on a woman’s voice on Feb 5 and pretended to be a labour ward nurse to speak to another NUH patient, a 29-year-old expectant mother who was due to deliver the next day.

Pang told the woman he would “bring her through the steps of labour”. The victim learnt the truth after speaking to a real nurse who entered her room.

The DPP said: “The victim, who was already facing the pressure of childbirth, was consequently very concerned about how her (mobile phone) number was obtained by a stranger. The accused had unfairly put her through this stress during the already stressful period.”

It was not stated how he received her number.



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